Selected! Choose three points of the optical fiber laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-16
With the rapid development of laser marking technology, consumers know, laser marking machine is the more advanced laser marking processing equipment, can effectively improve the work efficiency and quality. And optical fiber laser marking machine is small in size, convenient operation, long service life, high stability, and equipment prices are more affordable, adapt to the needs of the development of production now, now slowly beginning to replace other metal marking device on the market. Now more and more large and small laser equipment manufacturer. So how to choose cost-effective optical fiber laser marking machine? The people rise laser below small make up for your detailed analysis. Selected! Optical fiber laser marking machine of choose and buy three tips first, first of all be clear what is the company need to marking on the material. Laser marking machine, respectively, are: a variety of types such as optical fiber, YAG and CO2. Is for metal products or non-metal material, the target depth, a target area size, the user needs according to these to choose a suitable own laser marking machine. Second, the laser equipment mainly divided into three categories, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, etc. User needs according to their specific needs, to determine the laser equipment. Because of some laser equipment is dedicated, and some is multi-purpose laser equipment. Third, according to the size of the processed products to choose the right machine wide. For the laser marking width size, and not a machine width is bigger, the better. Large-format machine is more expensive, on the other hand, are some of the bad quality of the laser output average degree is not stable, lead to marking design depth is different, so it is important to choose the appropriate machine wide. Selected! Optical fiber laser marking machine of choose and buy three tricks people rises above laser optical fiber laser marking machine is optical fiber laser marking machine of choose and buy three tips, laser equipment, the choose and buy is two points, service and quality. Quality is factory configuration, manufacturing details and production theory, people liters laser in laser marking machine manufacturing for many years, word-of-mouth credibility is self-evident. Service depends on after-sales personnel working attitude and technical capabilities.
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