【 Science and technology change life 】 Let the laser marking technology more exciting

by:cycjet     2020-08-16
With the rapid development of laser technology in recent years, the use of laser technology in different fields have gradually expanded, widely used in many aspects of the processing now. In the 'made in China 2025' under the setting of deepening, the traditional production industry is facing deep transformation and upgrade. During one of the most important strategy is to move to higher additional value and technology fort high precision processing. So, how can achieve high-end fine processing? With the rapid development of laser technology, more and more widely used category, processing method not only deal with a lot of problems, but also for processing put forward more likely. Laser marking technology with domestic enterprises to enter the laser equipment industry, especially the fiber laser is widely used in laser equipment, laser marking industry also arrived at the peak, but laser marking used over the years, we see are mostly laser marking out the black and white and grey pattern. Want to symbols appear such effect, in addition to inkjet and CaiQi, you can also use the laser pulse width and frequency independently adjustable laser - to achieve the color map people - - - - - - Laser marking machine laser on stainless steel material, can adjust the light beam to change the color of the material surface, thus achieve the result of color is different. Its advantage lies in its pulse width and frequency adjustable independently, one of adjustment will not affect other laser parameters, this is what tuning Q laser structure does not have. And this kind of characteristics, to stainless steel color engraving brought infinite possibility. Early practice, pulse width, frequency, power, speed, the fill, fill the spacing. Time delay parameters, etc. These factors will affect the color effect. But because the technology is not particularly mature or is a lot of limitations, in terms of price is also acceptable to most of the manufacturers can't. Because a color laser marking machine can buy several ordinary laser marking machine. Shenzhen citizen litres of the laser is working on the research process of laser color tag, believe the future laser color tag design will be more colorful, elegant adornment effect will give laser marking process more broad application space, become another big technology of laser machining industry trends.
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