Rf co2 laser marking machine tube and what is the difference between glass tube?

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
Function of laser marking on the surface of items left permanent identity, its principle is through the surface of the high-energy laser beam products, evaporation show deep material, so beautifully carved patterns, text, qr code, bar code, etc. Laser marking machine is mainly divided into: fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, etc. Now laser marking machine is mainly used in some of the high precision, high precision products, widely used in: integrated circuit, electronic communications, metal products, precision instruments, clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry, food packaging, electronic components, electrical appliances, building materials, etc. Co2 laser marking machine also has two types, one is rf tube, a glass tube, so what is the difference between both of pipe? 1, rf co2 laser marking machine, tube are imported, glass tube are all homemade. Rf tube service life of laser can be up to 4. More than 50000 hours, generally use 6 years or so will be a problem, and glass tube generally use 2500 hours, about half a year need to replace a glass tube. 2, rf co2 laser marking machine, pipe used in air-cooled, stable long-term trouble-free use, glass tube adopts water cooling, equipment continuous processing time is too long or the temperature is beyond the scope of constant may not the light or the light is not stable, continuous work for large effect on the quality of the product. 3, the stability of rf co2 tube type, radio frequency (rf) pipe is fully sealed metal tube, with the bottom of 30 v voltage power supply, it's directly to avoid the use of the some of the hidden danger of high voltage power supply, and glass tube, the laser cutting machine use is more than 10000 v high voltage power supply, there is a certain risk, in addition to the unstable working long hours make power easy ageing, and the control system has a lot of interference, such as improper operation is easy to burn out the mainboard is more susceptible to the influence of the voltage and damage to its normal function. 4, rf co2 tube of light is 0. 7 mm, light spot fine, high precision, small thermal diffusion area, to do fine processing, glass tube of light to 0. 25 mm, is three times the number of rf tube, flare is thick, with poor precision, the instability of light, heat diffusion area is large, melting, black apparent cutting edges. Comprehensive above you can see that the rf tube is much better than the glass tube, a price a points goods, of course, price of rf tube is more expensive than glass tube many, if not require high precision products, such as leather, fabric, acrylic, etc. , need to use glass tube can be fully competent, so don't blind to choose when purchasing equipment, is the right of choosing their own needs.
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