Regression of fake vaccine: laser code technology

by:cycjet     2020-08-13
Regression of fake vaccine: laser code technology recently, fermentation vaccine events more and more get the attention of the general public, on the network of all events in vaccine monstrous outrage. Vaccine is about the lives of all people, especially children, in relation to each family happy and healthy. On July 16, prime minister li keqiang is made for a vaccine: this vaccine event break through the moral bottom line, must give the people of the whole country a lifetimes. Laser code technology by laser technology in medicine box and the drug encapsulation on the bottle, cap, capsule marked clear qr code, people by scanning qr code can know the production date, production source of the drug, supervision channels, complaint information, etc. , and can be connected to the corresponding government regulation network, the authenticity of product. At the same time, it also can form the public understanding of the transparency of drugs, the formation of the supervision department of the public and social moral regulation and legal regulation of drug companies. The vaccine events exposed the problem of enterprise regulation there is a big loophole, how to prevent and eliminate the need for government about the wisdom of the leaders to discuss; And to speed up the formation of a sound drug traceability and recall mechanism, secondary effect and avoid unnecessary chain effect, in this regard, assignment of laser marking code technology can provide a train of thought, for solving the vaccine regression of a hand. Code technology has the advantage of laser marking process for non-contact processing, safe environmental protection, not contaminated drug itself; And not clear, for the safety of the people have the effect of the firewall.
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