Qr code in the food and beverage industry reflects its unique charm

by:cycjet     2020-08-15
Qr code is our contact in daily life very much, qr code is also a great technology invention, it not only bring convenience to our life, also has brought a lot of enterprise a layer of protection, effectively prevent the illegal traders of fraud and the damage to the enterprise. However, the traditional screen printing, publishing technology isn't insurance, because can wipe off. Then see now reigning laser marking equipment. According to the report, a mineral water use laser marking label cost of qr code was reduced by nearly seventy percent, using a laser target cost a bottle cap a qr code just two or three cents, and it's almost a hair a traditional craft. And laser marking no pollution, no consumables, can reach the food safety standards set by the state. So what is qr code? Since there are so magical effect. Qr code is a new information storage, identification technology, the qr code first appeared in 1993 in our country, the technology since the advent of get the each country attaches great importance to, now many countries have the qr code technology used in the various government departments, now the qr code can manage all kinds of documents, can also in the customs management data, such as tax, bills, statements, in the aspect of business can be carried out on the products, logistics management. In other respects and anti-counterfeiting traceability, promotions, electric business, website jump, access to information, member management, and so on function, the contribution of qr code on food safety is very important, because it is a yard, so qr code can effective anti-counterfeiting transregional, traces the source of booster. Before inkjet era, the market mixed-up, fake and inferior products, people don't know who is really who is false, undesirable businessman off product tampering with dates back to the market, and even a lot of 'dirty' vendors use a lot of harmful substances to make the product into the market. So the involvement of the laser marking machine is imperative, qr code like we each person's id card, a yard, are unique, as long as consumers sweep code can know all the information of products from production to enter the market, can let the consumer to buy rest assured, also can effectively maintain corporate brand image, to prevent the phenomenon of fake, counterfeit, enterprises can know channel, to prevent channeling goods situation. Qr code there is now a common application, code that is sweeping the winning, buy a commodity, then scanning code can draw or common some promotional activities, so can effectively increase sales, improve consumer experience, so the laser marking machine is the qr code industry of choice, use laser marking machine advantage very significant: low cost, high efficiency, no pollution, no supplies, a mark by delicate and beautiful and fine. And laser logo graphic is permanent can't wipe, unless will destroy the whole place.
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