Prospects of the development of ultraviolet laser marking machine is unstoppable

by:cycjet     2020-07-15
Nowadays social consumption become more intelligent, laser industry development is more. Due to the laser beam characteristics of special, since birth, it plays an extremely important role in the mechanical category, deepen to the industrial consumer industries, from time to time and with the advantages of the common, become an important processing technology, manufacturing has been hailed as a new processing technology of the 21st century. With laser using industry along with the time flow from time to time of metabolism, slow down all kinds of laser equipment innovation, including laser marking machine is a very important part of the laser technology, ultraviolet laser marking machine as one of the laser marking machine series product, is the new development of a mature laser processing technology. In today's fine processing category, because of the traditional laser marking machine USES a laser hot working technology, the development of the precision with unrestricted, in this context, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has become the darling of the new era. Its use is a kind of cold working process, machining process called 'light corrosion effect', 'cold' has the very high load energy ( Uv) Photon, can interrupt data or chemical bonds within the medium. To make information attack destroyed, the thermal process layer and around the area without heating or thermal deformation, etc. , processing of materials has the lubrication edge and low limit of carbide, so the precision and heat affected dropped to below is very low, is a big leap of laser technology. Shenzhen people rise infinite company of science and technology of laser in laser marking machine category focus on broad, developed a series of standard and non-standard automatic uv laser marking equipment. Nowadays, along with the rapid development of laser equipment and the progress of ultraviolet laser marking machine power, ultraviolet laser marking machine has been used in precision machining of high-end market, the iPhone, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and other high polymer materials packaging bottle appearance marking; Flexible PCB marking, scribing, porous silicon wafers, the blind hole processing, LCD glass, glass ware appearance, metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials and so on more than one category. In the new survey, in addition to the electronics manufacturing, precision laser manufacturing and service industry is one of the promising industries of emerging industry, is currently in the early growth. According to the American association of photoelectron in statistics, laser manufacturing and service industry has become a biggest besides laser communication and laser storage technology of laser use industry. Thus ultraviolet laser marking machine is replaced from time to time and break the traditional processing and manufacturing process, uv laser marking machine would be beyond the ordinary laser processing industry, uv laser marking machine in the future development prospect is broad. Common in our life, many rare signs, such as symbols, text and pattern on the metal or nonmetal, BMW logo, mobile phone keys, etc. , these designs are uv laser marking machine marking. The principle of which is uv laser marking machine laser light energy of the target material surface layer of material deep evaporation, text, needed to 'carve out' design for complex laser beam is used in all kinds of printed material appearance symbol of the eternal.
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