Power battery processing on high power fiber laser welding machine'

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
Power battery is a key technology of electric vehicles. The traditional function of lead acid, nickel metal hydride batteries in peace, cycle life, environmental protection and other aspects of the weakness is not the mainstream of power battery. Not only that, power battery is also used as mobile power supply, new energy storage electric supply, space military power, etc. Power battery using more and more, at the same time, also reveals its technical issues - — The welding technology. Laser welding part of the power battery, have pressure and leakage test requirements, material mostly aluminum, aluminum battery currently accounts for most of the power battery. Laser welding of aluminum welding difficulty is bigger, may face a weld mark, external appearance is concave and convex, porosity, Fried fire bubble. Appearance is concave and convex, porosity, external bubble is the Achilles' heel of laser welding, there are many methods of because of these reasons have to suspend may want to avoid. Many battery manufacturers at the beginning of the research and development for this big nerve-racking, its main reason is that the fiber core diameter is too small may be caused by laser energy is set too high. Cell fusion or welding wear, thereby causing the leakage situation. Now has the high power fiber laser welding machine can perfect deal with these problems. High power fiber laser welding machine laser emitting a laser beam, and limits the acceleration of other welding motor system and its influence. The beam quality is also guaranteed the larger visual range, longer time and more incidence Angle, can be used to finish at the same time in many battery configuration of welding welding multiple welds. This can not only deal with the issue of welding position, can guarantee the effect of welding, there will be no liquid leakage phenomenon such as concave and convex, porosity or appearance.
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