What Is the Inkjet Printer Used For?

The inkjet printer mainly refers to the automatic coding equipment represented by small characters inkjet printing machine. The mainstream application scenarios are integrated use in the production vehicle factory and the workshop assembly line. In the process of product production, key information such as production date, shelf life and expiration date are stamped on the […]

Functions and Features of Handheld Inkjet Printers

Handheld inkjet printers are also called portable inkjet printers, which can be carried around for printing, light and simple to operate. The handheld inkjet printer is different from the online inkjet printer, and it is suitable for enterprises that do not require high production speed. Printing products need a certain size, there are various fonts […]

The Advantages of Laser Marking Equipment

Among many marking machines, the laser marking machine is a relatively environmentally friendly and energy-saving marking method. It mainly uses the heat of the laser beam to vaporize the surface material of the heated object, or a permanet imprint formed by the chemical reaction of the surface material of the material with the help of […]

Maintenance Skills and Three Major Highlights of Small Character Inkjet Printers

The maintenance of the machine is very important, and each machine has a certain maintenance method. The same is true for our small character inkjet printing machine. If you want the machine to work smoothly and to prolong the life of the machine, you must Do some precautions accordingly. Next, I will tell you in […]

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How many years warranty for the laser printing machine?

Full machine guaranteed 18 months, within 18 months if there is any quality problem for the laser printing machine, CYCJET will bear the cost of sending the spare parts to buyers or repairing them again (exception situation causing artificial damage and does not operate the laser printing machine machine according to the paper manual.

Do you offer pre-sale and after-sale service?

Yes, CYCJET sales team will ask customers for detailed information to know more about working conditions and then present the right marking solutions for you regarding, Laser Marking Machine Handheld Inkjet Printer Industrial Inkjet Printer

Do you agree with the field installation machine?

Yes, according to different working conditions and shopping list, we can send engineer to install laser machines and train operations worker for you.

How to order a laser marking machine?

Inquire us by email or what’s app. Our sales team will ask more information about your working condition, then introduce suitable laser printer to you. Sign sales contract then arrange payment

How to deliver the laser marking machine?

Normally we will send the marking machine by air or DHL, unless you insist on your agent.