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  1. What is a portable handheld laser marking machine?

A portable laser-marking machine, also known as a small laser-marking machine, has a large working range and no geographical limitations. It can be carried in a car, is convenient and easy to operate, and has strong practicability. The following describes in detail what is a portable laser marking machine.

The portable laser printer is smaller than the standard desktop laser marking machine in size, and it is more convenient to carry. It can carry out precise laser coding on products anytime and anywhere. At the same time, because of its small size and convenient operation, it can also be called a handheld laser coding machine.

  1. What are the advantages of portable laser marking machines?

The biggest advantage of the portable laser marking machine is that it is free of installation, convenient and fast, and can be directly placed on the desktop and connected to a computer for use.

More advantages are:

Low cost, small size, easy to carry, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. The marking effect is high precision, high definition, stable performance, the long service life of the laser, low power consumption of the complete machine, and low cost.

Lightweight and practical. Compared with other standard desktop laser marking machines, the portable laser marking machine is more flexible in use and more convenient to hold. It can ensure that the marking font is clear, uniform, and beautiful.

The whole machine is easy to operate, can be operated by hand and is easy to carry.

  1. What kind of environment is the portable laser marking machine used in?

The portable laser engraving machine can laser engrave clear commodity logos, text, patterns, numbers, barcodes, and other information on various products. It is easy to operate. The difference from the desktop laser marking machine is that the portable laser marking machines are more suitable for enterprises that do not require high production speed or mark small batches of products.

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