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by:cycjet     2020-08-14
Portable laser marking machine and can be called a handheld laser marking machine, for the convenience of the marking and set up some large materials out of the portable laser marking machine, this equipment is light, can freely move, walk, can be marking on all kinds of large materials. Portable hand-held optical fiber optical fiber laser marking machine and laser marking machine. To solve the problems of existing large parts laser tag is designed. The machine with a computer main box size, small and convenient, can hold to operate, can be in any direction for large mechanical parts for laser marking. Basic parameters of the portable laser marking machine, laser type / 1064 mm wavelength laser beam quality M2 & lt; 1. 3 20 ~ 200 KHZ pulse repetition frequency power stability & gt; 4 h + / - 2% RMS marking (100 * 100 mm Optional) Maximum line speed 9000 mm/s minimum line width 0. 03mm( 30um) Minimum character 0. 350-1 mm power consumption 800 w power demand of AC 220 v / 50 hz machine size 500 * 230 * 490 mm 1 portable laser marking machine application industry. Electronic components, electrical appliances, electronic communications, automobile and motorcycle accessories, precision hardware, gift accessories, clocks and watches, glasses of medical equipment, instruments and meters, and sanitary ware, etc. 2. Can be carved metal materials and some non-metallic materials, especially suitable for some requirements more detailed, higher precision and higher requirements on smoothness of field; 3. Widely used in electronics, separation of components, integrated circuits ( IC) , electrical circuits, mobile communications, metal products, cutting tool kitchen utensils and appliances, tools, accessories, precision instruments; 4. Used in glasses watches and clocks, computer keyboard, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic buttons, plumbing fittings, sanitary ware, PVC pipe, medical equipment, packaging bottles, etc. ; Liters laser after-sales service 1 the people, by the people, up more than 60 national laser after-sales service alliance units, customer service response time within 24 hours. 2, this machine warranty for one year, laser two years warranty, life-long maintenance; 3, we free operation training for the expensive department related personnel, door-to-door debugging installation, package the church; 4, regular system software for free maintenance and upgrade; 5, artificial damage, natural disasters, force majeure factors, unauthorized changes to be outside the scope of the warranty. 6, all of our accessories all have the corresponding inventory, we will provide alternative parts during maintenance, ensure the normal operation of your production;
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