Plastic laser welding machine _ light welding area of potential shares

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
With the development of the society, people are rich. For purchases of goods not only require quality, modelling to dominate the mass purchase desire now, if the shape is bad quality again good people buy is minimal. Cars are now our daily necessities, need to create beautiful car tail lights, appear in welding production link to challenge. So how can produce perfect tail lights? Plastic laser welding machine: light welding industry, the vanguard of the hot plate welding is initiated plastic welding industry early and simple way of welding, but with the development of the society, have been unable to meet the demand of the market, and now the presence of the laser welding machine to each big company of watches. The feasibility of laser welding and closely related to the optical properties of the material itself. In the laser welding technology, access to quality products, we also need to pay attention to what issues? From the point of view of materials, we also need to pay attention to: (1) laser welding are also two kinds of polymer compatibility and the influence of melting temperature difference, the better the compatibility between the two or the closer the melting temperature, the easier it is for laser welding process, and get a higher quality of the welding strength. As shown in figure 6, PC/ABS or PC and PMMA, PC and PBT, ABS and PBT can be welded well. (2) when the absorption layer when the molten polymer laser energy can be converted to heat, volume expansion will happen, so it is necessary in two layer by fixture on certain holding force to avoid the welding interface due to the expansion deformation. Not only that, clamping force and ensure better between two layers of heat conduction, ensure that two kinds of polymer can simultaneously fused to gain higher welding strength. In addition, in the choice of the laser welding technology, laser power is too high or welding time is too long can cause excessive lead to degradation of molten material, welding quality to achieve the ideal should be to choose the appropriate laser power, scanning speed and welding time. Unlike traditional plastic welding, laser welding using laser welding was carried out on the two kinds of polymer radiation energy, not only in terms of choice of polymer has wide applicability, have more beautiful weld, welding flexibility, high welding strength characteristics. At the same time, the plastic laser welding for material properties put forward special requirements - — Laser selective absorption and through. In order to obtain satisfactory parts, not only need to adjust welding parameters and appropriate selection of materials is important! Of laser welding seam is smooth, flexible welding, the intensity is high, the advantages of the welding speed is fast, has become the potential of the light welding shares, with the development of laser technology, as a decline in the cost of equipment, laser welding is becoming the mainstream of light welding process. Laser welding is the use of high energy density of laser beam, as a kind of welding heat source method, i. e. the laser radiation heating surface, the surface to the internal diffusion through heat conduction, heat melt artifacts, to form specific molten pool. As a result, the energy of the laser beam must be absorbed by the plastic, can achieve good welding effect, so plastic in near infrared region must have special optical performance is only suitable for laser welding technology, through the upper layer need to make sure that through near infrared laser, while the lower absorption layer to absorb near-infrared light. How, then, the optical performance of plastic itself? From the morphology of the polymer, the type of amorphous polymer absorb only a small amount of incident light, high penetration depth can be obtained.
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