People up information: ultraviolet laser marking machine what is the difference between power size?

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
People up information: ultraviolet laser marking machine what is the difference between power size? Now laser marking machine market according to different materials developed various types of laser marking machine equipment, such as: fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor, uv, co2, the pump, such as green, MOPA, YAG, then let the people rise laser small make up to explain the ultraviolet laser marking machine what is the difference between power size. Ultraviolet laser marking machine is now a popular device in recent years, there should be many fine processing need to meet the requirements, uv and uv is currently on the market the more intelligent a marking machine equipment, although compared with other laser equipment its price is more expensive, but without its help in electronics industry and flare minimal ultraviolet laser marking machine, processing heat affected area is very small, so it is suitable for super fine marking and features the material marking, rallied the effect of a higher customer. Uv laser marking sample uv laser marking machine has the advantages of many, such as: small spot, good beam quality, can realize super fine marking, broad scope, little heat affected zone, won't produce heat effect, won't produce the problem material burned, marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance, small volume, low power consumption advantages. Applicable material is also very widely: soft PCB, silicon wafers, metallic silver coating, marking microporous, electronics, communications equipment, high light transmittance headphone cables, cables, buttons, FPC, liquid crystal glass and other materials. Now commonly used ultraviolet laser marking machine on the market power, respectively, are: 1. 5 w, 3 w, 5 w, 10 w, 15 w, power, the higher the price, 1. 5 w - 5 w is a wide range of industrial utilization, especially the price of 3 w, 5 w is moderate, can meet most of the processing and marking requirements, and 10 w - 15 w price is too expensive, mainly used in precision cutting and punching. Uv laser marking sample in the choose and buy when a laser mark what items need to be aware of? 1, laser power is enough, performance is stable, Power sufficient to ensure speed, stable performance to ensure effect) 2, whether the reliability of the laser is high, in the harsh environment whether can work continuously 3, laser light quality is good, and the stability is good 4 and understand the quality of other components of the laser marking machine whether eligible 5, try to watch marking machine operation interface is simple and easy to operate, 6 for equipment after-sales problem must know, the warranty, the warranty scope and duration of the 7, be sure to see the effect after sample marking, meet the requirements to determine whether or not to buy
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