People up information: ultraviolet laser marking machine what is the difference between different power

by:cycjet     2020-07-31
Uv laser marking machine power difference between different marking machine is currently on the market a intelligent marking machine equipment, its relative price is more expensive than other products. Ultraviolet laser marking machine minimal focus, small heat affected zone, can be super fine marking and special material marking, this is mark effect of demanding customers recommend products. It not only with good beam quality, small focusing spot, and can realize superfine tag. , which has more extensively applicable scope is small heating surface active, won't produce heat effect, will not happen burning materials. Marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance, small volume, low power consumption advantages. It is mainly used for marking some flexible PCB, FPC board cutting, wafer, LCD glass, metal surface coating tag, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials, apple data line head, high demand transparent buttons, special light sensitive material, plastic, UV oil, etc. Usually have 3 w, 5 w, 10, 15 watts used the sales market is relatively more output power, output power, the higher the price will be higher. 5 w uv machine equipment most used in high precision laser marking above, the greater the power output, the wider application category, perhaps the price also is higher, I proposed in the economic development permit choose 5 w as far as possible under the condition of machinery, equipment, machinery and equipment more than 3 w extensibility, the value of space. The 10 - The 15 w machine equipment is expensive, the key application in high precision laser cutting and high precision in open hole. FPC, ceramic plate, glass lenses and other processing technology of laser cutting raw materials. When selecting a uv laser marking machine, must pay attention to matters: u, laser output is big enough ( It is the key to the speed and effect) Is stable, and energy ( Usually stability requirement is 2%, 1% in some cases, requirements, in order to produce ideal effect) U, good beam quality laser output, containing mode and the stability of the die; U should have sales of electricity, laser, still can continue to work in bad industrial production and processing environment. U, laser itself should possess good maintainability, have the function of fault detection and chain, shutdown time is shorter; U convenient, easy to use, control key role established, can put an end to the illegal operation, maintenance of laser from destruction. U, to carry out laser marking test, have seen the actual effect whether meet the requirements of their own to choose and buy.
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