People up information: paper products laser hollow out machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
Now society full of beautiful things in eyes of gifts, holiday gifts gifts are not of the economical and practical, also need to have a new idea, can let a person shine at the moment. Laser hollow out machine paper products industry specifically for new equipment, such as: packing box, greeting CARDS, paper and so on things to hollow out a laser carving, and the work efficiency of fast, manufactured products are delicate and beautiful, is the indispensable equipment, paper products processing industry has gradually occupied the paper products processing and marketing. Laser hollow out machine processing speed is traditional manual for several times, but also a finished product, no subsequent secondary processing, pattern is optional design, there is no limit to the graphics, the operation is simple one person can operate it easily. The laser hollow out what are the products made? Laser hollow out machine samples show laser hollow out samples show laser hollow out samples show laser hollow out machine can make all kinds of gifts has become more colorful, such as: cake box surrounding edge, the lateral do decoration, greeting CARDS, invitations, laser hollow out of the machine adopts the advanced cutting technology, based on the special pearl paper as the material, there are all kinds of hollow out flowers shape modelling style, has a solid, beautiful features. Collocation in peripheral edge cake snack, have elegant ornament adornment effect, pattern is varied, diverse styles. Shenzhen people rise is the domestic first introduced CARDS laser hollow out machine enterprises, according to the properties of the paper, equipped with professional paper marking software, designed for paper packaging industry, greeting CARDS, invitations, paper, paper cutting and other industries large-format firing hollow out process designed, marking speed, stable performance, no focal edge, easy operation, no pollution, no noise! And we provide free proofing, all see the actual effect to talk! People rise of each laser equipment has high accuracy high pixel visual identification system, so you don't have to worry about completely cutting position deviation, this feature is very suitable for automatic identification of cutting, bring their own characteristic localization of cutting, automatic extraction of contour cutting a variety of recognition, can effectively ensure the material of high speed precision cutting, is currently on the market more advanced laser hollow out equipment.
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