People up information: mechanical automation instead of manual is inevitable trend

by:cycjet     2020-08-02
People up information: machinery automation to replace artificial intelligent is the inevitable trend, mechanical automation is the only way to the future development of science and technology, is an important direction of the change of intelligent manufacturing, now smart technology is more and more, a lot of front-line workers have been robot to rob their jobs, intelligent machine is the economic structure optimization and upgrading of the pattern of employment is bound to change, new forms and new pattern, new industry, new technology constantly emerging, demand for Labour is bound to be more and more high. Machinery intelligent behind, line workers will not so stable, more highlights the importance of high-tech talents, the future of the single single technical skills, simple jobs will be 'resolution', but the new skills and technology complex jobs in the rapidly developed much. The transformation and upgrading of enterprises shall be the talents of a simultaneous skills upgrading, focus on vocational skills and improve labor quality. Was held in 2018 at the end of the year when the central economic work conference, the meeting proposed that to understand the manufacturing high quality development, intelligent manufacturing will become an important convenient manufacturing industry reform, many companies are now began to intelligent direction. Relevant experts, and representatives of enterprises and the mechanic said in an interview with the economic daily news, college head, behind the 'machine substitution', will be more highlighted the importance of talent. For this, talent skills upgrading and transformation and upgrading of enterprises should be synchronized. A reporter recently in an interview with a company in shenzhen, found that most of the production line is operated by automated mechanical arm, the robotic arm and orderly operation, efficient high-quality, a skilled workers can take several machines. Mechanical consulted an inside job interview for nearly 10 years of technical personnel, the technician sighs in a line of work deeply feel the change in the intelligent manufacturing technology by leaps and bounds, the assembly line before feeding, cutting through the manual operation, now through programming, robot can independently complete the homework, a machine products can artificial dozens of times on even one hundred times, and the quality is higher. 'Future mechanical automation is an inevitable trend of enterprise development, it is the inevitable result of social progress and the development of science and technology, but also improve the management efficiency and economic benefit, internal need to enhance their competitiveness. 'Machine substitution', actually is not simple to change, but change into a higher skill levels.
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