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by:cycjet     2020-07-29
Planer laser welding vendors would you can select the laser technology co. , LTD. Shenzhen people, we are a senior consumers, laser equipment, the products of our company USES the advanced technology, strict consumption and monitor, the function and the quality is very important, our high quality products and our company has one of the reason, you can trust us. Longmen laser welding vendors would a beam of light produced by a laser technology with polarizer reflective laser focus make it focused on the installation of the grand energy beam, assuming that focus close to the workpiece, the workpiece will be melting and evaporation in milliseconds, this effect can be used for welding 'ecomax' power and high power CO2 YAG laser, opens up a new category of laser welding. Laser welding equipment is the key to high power laser, the secondary has two kinds, one kind is solid laser, 'Nd (also called a Nd: YAG laser Nd) 'Is a kind of rare earths elements, YAG represent zhe yttrium aluminum garnet, crystal structure is similar to ruby. Nd: YAG laser wavelength of 1. 6 microns, a beam of light produced by a secondary advantage is that can be transmitted through optical fiber, which can save the complex beam the bits and pieces, suitable for flexible manufacturing spare or short-range processing, usually used for welding high accuracy compare with artifacts. The input power for 3 - commonly used car industry 4 kw of Nd: YAG laser. Another kind is gas laser, also called CO2 laser, medium molecular gas as a task, an average of 10. 6 microns infrared laser, can continue task and high input power, regulate the laser power in 2 - Between 5 kw. Longmen compared with other traditional welding technology, laser welding machine secondary advantage of laser welding is: 1, speed, depth, big, small deformation. 2, can be at room temperature or stop welding under special conditions, complex welding equipment installation. For example, laser through the electromagnetic field, beam deflection. 3, laser in a vacuum, air and gas environment can welding, and glass or to stop welding beam lit data. 4, can be welding refractory materials such as titanium, quartz, etc. , and can be applied to the opposite sex data, welding effect is good. 5, after focusing the laser, high power density, in high power device, when welding the 5-1, deep wide ratio can reach up to now. 6, can stop the micro welding. After focusing the laser beam can be made very small spot, and accurate positioning, can be used in large quantities of automation in the consumption of micro and small workpiece compound. 7, can be welding inaccessible areas, the implementation of non-contact remote welding, has a great deal of sensitivity. 8, especially in recent years, in the optical fiber transmission technology is adopted in YAG laser processing technology, make the laser welding technology has been more common to implement and use. 9, easy to complete beam laser light according to the time and space, can stop the multiple beam machining and transfer at the same time, provides the more sophisticated welding conditions. Shenzhen people rise from all of the laser farewell your arrival at any time. Our main products are laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser carving machine, laser welding machine, etc. , to produce variety kind of rich and varied, you can choose ` product according to your detailed requirements. In addition, if you still have what want to consult, farewell for you through the following contact way, we would be happy to help you.
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