People up information: laser technology application in the clothing industry is imperative

by:cycjet     2020-07-31
'Food and clothing live line' is the basis for human survival, and garment predictably topped its importance, with the continuous development of the equipment, the life of people rich, its aesthetic ideas are changed, the choose and buy clothes, shoes is not just a simple thermal durability, also need to be more personality, fashion, can reveal the unique style. And one of the more popular a kind of material that is the leather, the from head to toe are useful to made out of leather apparel products, such as: hats, leather, leather pants, leather shoes, leather bags, leather processing is a problem, however, the traditional processing way is to use manual cutting or knife cut, this way the efficiency is low, and need more follow-up processing procedures, manual cutting also can cause large quantities of consumable materials. So laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine can not only cut leather, fabrics, denim, sports shoes uppers can be cut, if a lot of sports shoes manufacturers have begun to use the cutting, laser cutting machine for shoe plane laser cutting accuracy is higher, more productive, can make a stronger competitiveness of products. Now known as the major brands have introduced laser cutting technique, such as: anta, playboy, daphne, pure, youngor and so on, people rose with professional laser cutting system, done in the field of garment processing industry, and with a lot of clothing accessories industry customers have a deep cooperation, break through the traditional, leading the industry change. Now in the high-end fashion market, laser is very popular with designers of equipment, laser hollow out technology used on the fabric, in 2017 was a fashion, once its delicate texture, perforation of carve patterns or designs on woodwork hollow out effect, make garment industry added a very strong artistic breath, at the same time also is a combination of retro and modern flavor. Along with the social development, the domestic labor costs are increasing, consumption level and with a sharp rise, the domestic garment industry forced to go to the high-end transformation. And the combination of high-tech and traditional industries, can effective power industry toward the end, the new development, so the introduction of advanced laser technology is inevitable, it will lead to the clothing production and processing industry from the labor-intensive to the new production method of automated process. Only product brand can better improve the competitiveness of the products, for the enterprise to obtain more profits, so the popularity of laser technology in the clothing industry is inevitable
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