People up information: laser marking machine several rare reason for decline in power

by:cycjet     2020-08-05
Laser marking machine belongs to the professional industrial processing equipment, using a long time, easy to present some emergency. Many users, for example, found a drop in the power of laser marking machine, laser marking machine power decline reason many, rare reason there are the following eight o 'clock, here to introduce you the relevant people to you the result and the processing method. 1, laser power supply voltage drops, cause the laser input power decrease: processing methods: need to switch power supply. 2, lens, lens have defiled: processing methods: clean or change. 3, light path spare imprecise: processing methods: adjust the laser, adjust the beam expander status, incident light in the center of the beam expander in light hole, emergent light in the center of the light hole. 4, artifacts, appearance is not focus on the stereo: processing methods: adjust the workpiece appearance to focus. 5 defective, beam position, direction: processing methods: adjust the beam expander. 6, equipment use fixed number of year is too long: processing methods: demand aeration or change a new laser. 7, into the galvanometer laser off center: processing methods: adjust the laser. 8, marking speed through the fast: processing methods: appropriate to speed up the marking. When the laser marking machine maintenance and repair, some operating requirements complete, professional and technical personnel assembly maintenance by youself, otherwise not only has damage to the equipment function, and can formation damage to operators. People liters laser to provide users with perfect after-sales service, engineers point-to-point training, inspire, and debugging support equipment fault maintenance, process, trouble not cleaning, maintenance personnel do not leave. Set up the intact user profiles, current will pay a return visit, the customer degree of satisfaction survey.
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