People up information: interpretation of the commonly used laser manufacturing industry

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
People up information: interpretation of the manufacturing industry commonly used laser laser marking equipment now has become an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry, the optical fiber laser has the extremely important position in the field of processing equipment, special high power laser processing, will have different characteristics of different types of laser difference, materials for the industry will be different, so different professions will choose to use laser. So today people liters laser small make up take you to distinguish between the varieties and application scope of laser. Laser is roughly divided into several types: gas laser, co2 laser, He - Ne laser. Liquid laser: as a laser pump sources are used as a liquid dye. Solid state laser: Nd: YAG, Nd: YVO4, Yb: YLP, etc. Co2 laser using co2 gas as pumped medium, red light wavelengths to 10. 6 microns, coupled with high voltage, make the rarefied gas producing self-excited conduction, so that gas molecules to release the laser. Are frequently used in the manufacturing industry are as follows: laser marking machine equipment and laser optical fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, YAG lamp pumped solid state laser, side pumped solid state laser, end pumped solid state laser ( Side pumps and end pump is mainly the difference is only in the direction of pump) And so on, if the simple theory of marking, general processing depth and strength are not high, so basic can do a lot of laser. Laser equipment application technology is already very mature, the application in industry is also very wide, can be found everywhere in our daily life to the shadow of the laser equipment manufacturing processes, both food and clothing live line use, such as: the food of the above product information, bar code, the qr code, clothing accessories above hollow-out decorative, design decorative pattern, pharmaceutical products anti-counterfeiting qr code, bar code, kitchen utensils and appliances the above LOGO, product information, etc. The kinds of laser equipment as well as the application is not only hereat, along with the continuous development of science and technology, laser technology in continuously expand new areas, to bring our life more color, convenient and change.
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