People up information: co2 laser marking machine environmental processing wood laser marking

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
Now laser marking machine is more and more widely applied to each big industry, it as a new type of machinery and equipment, primary including laser cutting machine, laser, laser code machine, polishing machine, optical fibers laser marking machine, laser welding machine, etc. Laser equipment a subversive reform, it can realize standardization, intelligent production and processing, it is energy saving, ecological and environmental protection, intelligent degree is high, also can realize remote control and the actual operation, will greatly reduce the artificial, strengthens the office environment, and raise the productivity and product class, the new technical development and progress. Co2 laser marking machine is to use laser carved in the surface layer of all kinds of different items of permanent identity, and co2 laser marking machine is belong to the laser, computer, machinery and equipment for the integration of intelligent automation technology, the environmental requirements is not strict, machinery and equipment environment quality will directly affect the performance of the machine equipment productivity and machine equipment service life. At actual operation laser marking machine, therefore, must be strict to the environment, in what the environment is good for co2 laser marking machine: 1, the cooling method of individual laser marking machine is usually use coagulate frost water cooled, such as semiconductor laser marking machine, thus to ensure the quality of the circulating water cooling, can be directly used mineral water or distilled water, to replace the cooling circulating water on a regular basis. 2, co2 laser marking machine environment should be the room, best in 20 ℃ - temperature Between 30 ℃, environment humidity at 30% 80%, which could result in the best state of laser equipment to production and processing operations. 3, the power energy of co2 laser marking machine and wire must be accordant with the needs of the machinery and equipment, power fluctuations can not up and down more than 10%, and to rely on earthed. Co2 laser first is the difference between the wavelength and YAG machine equipment, and so he of nonmetal material absorption is relatively good. If only a simple marking or over the wood carvings, which yao 10 w to 100 w is ok, if want to do big, with the thickness of the graphics, which must choose high power co2, power the best 2000 w. Co2 laser marking machine in the field of drinks, carved on the plywood and on the wood carving difference, however, only one thing to be careful, the engraving depth can't too deep. After cutting edge will be as black as the wood plywood, need to see plywood is the application that made of wood. Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing of raw materials, easy to engraving and cutting, light color fastens like birch wood, cherry wood or maple is easy to laser gasification, which is suitable for sculpture. Each have their own unique wood, some dense some, such as hardwood, in laser engraving or cutting must be used when more power, initiative sculpture is not very familiar with wood, carved features must be discussed first.
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