People up information: CO2 laser cutting machine laser lens use and matters needing attention of cleaning

by:cycjet     2020-08-05
In the average output power of laser, all lenses metropolitan due to the cause of the manufacturing process or polluted by outside elements such as incurred the lens of the laser wavelength absorption in particular, make the lenses overnight life extension, due to the damage of lens implications to handle the case that even stop up sometimes. Lens of the laser wavelength absorption will add the reflection of uneven heating from the lens, the refractive index changes, laser wavelength from high absorption lenses through or reflection of the laser power at the uneven distribution of the lens center temperature is high, the edge of low temperature, attacks the change in the optical lens effect. People rise information: CO2 laser cutting machine laser lens matters needing attention and cleaning of the thermal lens effect caused by pollution from lens high absorption will attack many achievements. Lens on the substrate of the onset of irreversible thermal stress, the beam to convey through the lens when the attack power loss, partial mobile focused light spot position, premature failure of the coating layer were destroyed can cause the lens. With regard to reveal in the air the lens, we was in a clearing, often do not comply with requirements and matters needing attention of lens of liquidation, and optional materials, the result will constitute a new pollution even scratch lenses, constitutes a loss not compensation. Based on years of experience summed up so thought: no matter which kind of optical lens is important to adhere to the clean, clean to have good habits to carefully cleaning the lens, you can add or eliminate the artificial reason of pollution. Such as fingerprints and spit the flower. As a common sense, when operated by hand to the optical system, regardless of the cleaning, disassembly, install all want to wear gloves or medical gloves, continue to adhere to adhere to the requirements of cleaning lenses and pay attention to matters, in the process of cleaning, can only use the rules of the material, such as optical lens wiping paper, cotton swabs, reagent grade ethanol. For any lens cleaning, disassembly, install shortcuts will incur lens extends service life, even damage for sex. People rise information: CO2 laser cutting machine laser lens use and cleaning the matters needing attention, so we want to use the common knowledge to prevent the lenses from other reason of pollution, in case of moisture proof, smoke, dust and so on. Pollution in determining a lens, we need to wash the ears ball lens, not until the surface particles to be beautiful, don't use mouth to blow. Due to the air blown out most of oil and water will be further pollution lens. Suppose after washing ears ball after the disposal of its surface pollution still exist, we must use common cotton swabs dipped laboratory grade acetone, ethanol to quietly wipe. So you can eliminate most of the thin layer of pollution. Laser lens pollution in the will of the laser output and data sampling system is a serious mistake, if we can make the lens on clean, will is extending parts using life. People up information: CO2 laser cutting machine laser lens use and matters needing attention of cleaning
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