People up information: aluminum alloy laser welding machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-29
Aluminium alloy laser welding machine is designed for aluminum alloy materials stop laser welding equipment, welding machine can be other cannot handle, if you have any requirements, farewell to consult you! We adopt foreign advanced technology, strict monitoring process of consumption, to ensure that the consumption of a qualified and outstanding laser welding machine, the above introduced aluminum alloy laser welding machine for you. Aluminum alloy laser welding of aluminum alloy density is low, but compare with high strength, good plasticity, can be processed into various profiles, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipping and has little use in chemical industry. Of aluminum alloy welding aluminium alloy was widely used to promote the development of the technology, the welding technology development and expansion at the same time the use of aluminum alloy, and aluminum alloy welding technology one is becoming a research hotspot. Aluminum alloy laser welding machine technology is more and more mature. However, the nature of the aluminum alloy makes it the relevant welding technology is facing some urgent need of processing achievement: the appearance of refractory oxide film, joint stiffness, prone to porosity, easily excessive thermal deformation and thermal conductivity, etc. Previous theories of consumption, the welding of aluminum alloy commonly used tungsten argon arc welding and melting pole argon arc welding. Although the two types of welding energy density is larger, the welding of aluminium alloy can obtain a good joint, but there is still a poor penetration ability, large welding deformation, consumption efficiency higher defect. The use of these traditional, used in ferrous metal welding method of welding aluminum alloy, and can't reach the industrial high efficiency, zero defect and function requirements, so people begin to seek a new method of welding and laser technology gradually beginning in the early 20th century used in industry. The European airbus A340 aircraft fuselage, consumption is the laser welding technology to replace the original riveting process, make the body weight increase about 18%, form the reduced almost 25%. German audi A2 and A8 full aluminium structure car also benefit from the development and use of aluminum alloy laser welding technology. These success stories greatly prompted discussion of laser welding of aluminium alloy, the laser technology has become a aluminum alloy welding technology of secondary developing direction in the future, because the laser welding has the advantages of the common: ( 1) Small amount of thermal output, high energy density and welding deformation is small, can lose a narrow fusion zone and heat affected zone and weld penetration is big. ( 2) The weld microstructure of cooling speed, fine, so the welding joint function is good. ( 3) Energy can accurately control of welding, high solid sex, have higher adaptability for different requirements. ( 4) Can stop the micro welding or complete far interval transmission, does not demand vacuum installation, conducive to mass consumption automation. Shenzhen people liters laser crew await your arrival here at any time. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate, you can select the network consultation, such as telephone or QQ, you can also to our company on-the-spot examination, it also allows you to better understand some of the information to the laser welding machine.
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