People rose 3 d laser marking machine break the monopoly of foreign of laser market

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
People rose laser marking machine, laser 3 d successfully break the foreign market monopoly, 2018 people successfully developed a 3 d laser marking machine, laser marking machine adopts automatic focus, can be in all sorts of rough machining surface marking, and its target range up to 700 * 700. Before marking on the uneven surface, need to move the workpiece to focus, so operation is easy to cause the focus shifts occur marking is unqualified, and the function of 3 d laser marking automatic coke, without moving the workpiece can mark the products of high quality, even change the processed products also need not to make any modification equipment, so can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the time of the processing finished products. 3 d laser marking machine is a great innovation in the field of laser marking and, for the workpiece is not confined to the machining of plane, surface, 3 d is ok. So compared with two-dimensional laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine what are the advantages? 1, 3 d laser marking machine can autofocus 2, a target range is bigger, the tradition is in commonly 300 * 300, and the function of 3 d laser marking up to 700 * 700 3, hit mark products more fine 4, deep carved
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