People rise information: ultraviolet laser marking machine to create personalized electronics

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
Nowadays, laser technology in chemical industry, automobile, steel, plastic and other processing production, has been widely used in laser processing is automated and computerized combination, it has the characteristics of flexibility, can drive the upgrade of manufacturing innovation, make the manufacturing process more efficient, China's traditional processing technology is to the transformation and upgrading of the laser processing technology, the application of laser marking machine is more and more close to People's Daily life, especially the uv laser marking machine. Ultraviolet laser marking machine is developing very rapidly in recent years, uv laser marking machine is the use of ultraviolet laser direct damage material in the components of the atom, the processing method is called cold working process, and cold working way will not produce heat to peripheral, but directly to the material separated into atoms, the advantage of ultraviolet laser is more and more significant, so now a lot of enterprises have begun to laser into the ultraviolet laser technology research and development, makes the only original imported laser has been gradually replaced by domestic ultraviolet laser, and reaches deep into the processing industry of all walks of life. The ultraviolet laser marking machine is how to create a personalized electronic products and packaging industry? Food and drug safety has always been the focal point of concern, people also pay more and more attention to this aspect of the matter, in recent years, national safety supervision for the safety of the food and drug supervision is becoming more and more big, has always been for packaging production date can be altered so it is a focus of the people that were not at ease, many have expired food drugs through altering products production daily back into the market sales of the above, then there is need to cheat by big firms, small workshops also let many time, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine by marking out the patterns of the text is not altered, this can make the food and drug safety can also make people more comfortable, let them more trust to the manufacturer. People up ultraviolet laser marking machine USES the international advanced technology, the machine USES the third order intracavity frequency doubling technique, compared with the general laser marking machine, uv laser focused spot, can largely reduce the deformation and mechanical processing of heat effect is small, so it is mainly used for super fine marking, engraving, especially suitable for used in food, medicine packaging material marking, microporous, glass material of high speed divided and complex graphics on silicon wafer cutting, etc. So the uv laser marking machine in fine marking, cutting, fine processing with other laser unmatchable advantages. Hit target text by ultraviolet laser marking machine, design is permanent, and not because of the environment ( Moist, alkaline, high temperature, etc. ) Reason kill, in the process of its hit mark is used in non-contact processing, so not to machine pressure deformation processing objects, and the raising of the laser in the laser marking machine has a very rich experience in production line, and many large manufacturers at home and abroad have established a long-term good cooperation partnership, combined with the company persist in technological innovation, vigorously promotes the quality management, improve service levels, in the process of long-term development with excellent product quality, good product performance, leading technology advantage, perfect after-sale service system. The whole process from production to produce will strictly control the quality. Do let customers at ease, rest assured to choose our machines, win market by quality, service win public praise.
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