People rise information: laser equipment manufacturers need to focus on technological innovation

by:cycjet     2020-07-31
Now the laser processing industry in China has gradually show generalization, most of the products can be used for domestic accessories can do it, only a small portion of the demand is higher, the high-end processing integrated system need to use imported laser and accessories, but domestic brand has been pursued, imported accessories market quota less and less, in the low-end market basically is the use of domestic brands. As many of the core in the field of laser technology constantly breakthroughs and the development unceasingly, believe in the near future of laser processing market will continue to grow in our country, and even a lot of abroad. Although the share of market in constant growth, followed by the problem is the product of excess capacity, production, disorderly competition, homogeneity and evil people mixed up the market, low-end products is the most easy to overcapacity, bidding growth slowed, consumer demand will be much less also, one of the most obvious is the traditional real estate, steel, coal, high low-end products and actually there is no specification. For example: the same is doing real estate in the same city, may even your country garden house can sell very well, because the awareness of the brand, in that no awareness and small company can't buy good land, building quality, property is poor, so must be sold motionless, this is the real estate industry and mid-range products. Due to the low entry barriers and mid-range products, there will be a lot of small workshops, this will cause the vicious competition, excess capacity at mid-range levels, lack of high-end technical ability is a major problem in Chinese manufacturing industry for a long time, countries also see this problem, these three years hence the reform of the 'supply side', 'capacity and inventory' concept guidance. China's reform and opening up in 1980 officially entered the industrial modernization, in a very long time, mainly are some of the traditional manufacturing industry in our country, labor intensive, such as: toys, low-end electronics, textile and clothing, etc. , after the global financial crisis in 2008, many of China's processing and manufacturing enterprises are in trouble, and reversed transmission low-end processing and manufacturing of China's foreign trade export-oriented economy to the transformation of high technology content, high added value. There are a lot of people, once said: China is a high-tech crusher, means no matter what the new industry, new technology, as long as it will appear after the developed mass reproduction, destroy the benign development of the market. Now our laser enterprises are mostly concentrated in the central China, the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta, beijing-tianjin bohai sea and other economically developed regions, but obvious phenomenon is that most laser company engaged in the field are the same, especially in the assembly of laser equipment, even if only focus on a niche in the development of enterprise also has a lot of competitors. This is a double-edged sword, it encouraged everyone to wider areas to expand, but also leads to the same direction, will lose competitiveness. In these decades, many emerging technology-based foothold in the domestic industry, technology, as long as mature will rush, lead to overcapacity, resulting in the industry are in trouble, such as liquid crystal displays, solar cells, CNC machine tools, LED lights, robot, digital home appliances, etc. , and in recent years, the new energy vehicles, power battery, 3 d printing, as a member of the laser industry, feel worry for the future development of the laser industry. New energy vehicles is a national key support projects in recent years, the rise of form a complete set of power battery industry, but because of the past two years of blind expansion, low excess investment, as well as the country's exit in this aspect of the support policy, cause a large power battery industry reshuffle, including walter, let the electric companies such as post-election collapse, along with the enterprise charging pile is also continuing losses, but the past few years there are a lot of laser enterprise benefit because of the power battery got rapid growth, and the power of the battery industry reshuffle, how much do these laser enterprises are also affected by some. Today's industrial laser industry consists of laser marking, laser cutting and laser welding several types, such as the laser marking is a kind of widely used in it, with the rapid development of laser technology, all walks of life for the increasing of laser equipment, many people began to enter the industry, laser equipment using laser beam to replace the traditional cutting tools, drilling. Before an import fiber laser will be more than 20, one thousand, and domestic to 780 thousand later, it was as long as about ten thousand now. Some people say that now assemble a common laser marking machine is simple than assembling a computer, a lot of people are turning to the laser marking machine industry, especially some DaoLong used, refurbished, leading to a market price drop down again. The development of an enterprise is the most important is that the improvement of technical level, it is essential to the survival of enterprises, technology is strong, which used in the enterprise is also useful, behind will be eliminated. In terms of laser industry, low production efficiency and high pollution, high energy consumption enterprises will face elimination, only mastered the core technology, can get rid of the dependence on imports, in profits accounted for Chinese enterprises to get big head rather than just petty profit, China also can be made by the manufacturer among the power. To stay in the field of technology, laser industry must strengthen in the electronic, mechanical, photoelectric, electric fields such as strengthening the research and development, improve the level of technology. Laser technology represents the level of advanced technology, the strategic significance is very big.
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