People rise information: laser cutting machine to create different bottle artifact

by:cycjet     2020-08-01
People rise information: laser cutting machine to create different bottle artifact bottle opener this gadget is what we are used in everyday life, so what can a small bottle opener creative? Actually otherwise, even a small thing also has its soul, the more the easier thing to pay attention to, again small objects as long as do fine enough can also cause a striking visual impact. Laser cutting machine for cutting the bottle opener, can create different ideas? Have a pico company before using the laser cutting machine produced the world's smallest bottle opener, due to the laser cutting machine is combined with a numerical control system, only need to in the design of software is made to set above, size, cutting machine will be carried out in accordance with the set pattern of precision cutting, with laser cutting machine not only waste materials, cutting precision is very high. One might think that, a bottle opener is so small it is easy to lost or fall into the wine swallowed inside, then in a wine opener, multi-function ROGUE company also can open with laser cutting machine made wine bottle opener can twist screws, laser cutting machine precision is high, can be a forming, cutting, smooth level off, can save a lot of late working procedure, the brand name can be made into a bottle opener, can not only deepen the brand visual image and impression, also can to translate brand into effect. Ideas can make the cold metal also produce temperature, laser cutting function of cutting out all sorts of interesting bottle opener, such as animals, plants and trees, and the size of the production is with the person, can be a bank card size, can finger size, or made into hexagonal fridge magnets, hexagon cup mat, can meet the laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine operation is simple, one person can operate. People liter metal laser cutting machine, laser production can be easily processed to produce all kinds of bottle opener, incision smooth, level off, high precision, of course not just cut a bottle opener, cutting can be performed all kinds of handicrafts, such as: auto parts, precision electronic components, handicrafts, ornaments, furniture appliances and so on are all easily done
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