People rise information: fiber laser marking machine engraving in memory card

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
Today when it comes to laser marking machine can most people know what it is, a lot of people think this is a man, why do you say this is a man, because of the optical fiber laser marking machine operation is simple, the basic operation, now many people started to buy an own business, the streets are likely to see the device, and the application of optical fiber laser marking machine is very extensive, metal, plastic, gold and silver jewelry, 3 c electronic and electrical appliances can make a perfect effect. So vulnerable to taste like memory CARDS can marking on it? Today people liters laser small make up take you to understand it. Optical fiber laser marking machine has stable performance, long service life, don't need maintenance, easy operation, fast processing speed, small volume, compatible with one-piece structure, marking software Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software files, support the PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc. , can be directly use SHX, the vera. ttf word stock, support automatic code, serial number, batch number, date printing and barcode, qr code, automatic jump number, etc. Optical fiber laser marking machine is widely used in electronic appliances, 3 c, hardware, auto parts and other industries, especially suitable for use with the smoothness, depth, high precision of the field. Nowadays many well-known memory card manufacturers are using laser marking machine for processing, laser marking machine of identity, not only beautiful, also has a high degree of recognition, and can have very good anti-counterfeit effect. Portable laser marking machine is my company use the advanced laser technology newly developed a new generation of laser marking machine, laser photoelectric conversion rate is high, save electricity, cooling way is to use air cooling, good heat dissipation, the size of the equipment is small, does not occupy a space, with free adjustment, free maintenance, high reliability performance.
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