People rise information: comparison of favorable optical fiber laser marking machine?

by:cycjet     2020-08-03
In recent years, the development of laser technology is very fast, the product function, performance is constantly updated, these devices has brought great convenience to our life, material things is becoming more and more rich. Laser marking machine is now most of laser equipment, using processing technology, the traditional mimeograph, screen printing, gradually began to be replaced with the laser marking machine, laser marking machine, range of materials is very broad, almost throughout all walks of life. , then, what are the advantages of laser marking machine? Compared with the traditional processing technology, laser marking machine of high flexibility, low cost, processing environment is good, no supplies, computer control, can adjust at will not need the template of pictures and words, etc. , and laser marking laser marking machine identified by is permanent, not clean, it will never fade. Laser technology co. , LTD. Shenzhen people made a new type of laser marking machine has the very big advantage, traditional marking machine can finish second. The people rise of laser marking machine to the enterprise what help? 1, laser marking machine logo graphic can't wipe, do not fade, not easy to copy, can have very good anti-counterfeit effect. 2, laser marking machine logo graphic is permanent, not because of the high alkaline gas, touching, environmental factor such as low temperature, acidity and fade. 3, a mark by delicate, clear and beautiful, the size of the mechanical parts can be identified. 4, laser marking machine is a non-contact processing, deformation of workpiece will not cause pressure machine, laser processing won't cause any pollution to the environment, no harmful substances, no tool wear. 5, for a variety of metals, non-metallic materials for processing, the use of a wide range. 6, laser marking machine is a computer control, simple and convenient, graphic can be replaced, don't need to mold. 7, laser marking speed, can a forming, no subsequent processing again, although compared with the traditional processing technology for the first time investment cost is higher, but in the long run, the overall cost of laser marking machine is much lower. 8 no consumables, laser marking machine price, can realize assembly line production, product efficiency increased at the same time, also can effectively save enterprise artificial cost and material cost. 9, laser marking machine marking speed can be adjusted using a computer, marking simple by just can be completed in less than a second. Shenzhen people up the introduction of foreign advanced manufacturing technology, laser under the condition of the same configuration, price is the lowest, customers only need to use the domestic price can buy a with the quality of imported optical fiber laser marking machine, and the people rise laser perfect after-sales service system, good social reputation, buy the people rise of laser equipment, can let the customer save worry save money again. Laser marking machine manufacturers and litres of laser research and development of new type of optical fiber laser marking machine price with the quality of imported equipment, but the price is less than half of the imported equipment, you heard me is less than half, after a small make up of field investigation, the people rose laser equipment quality, service, the company environment is really good can't said, the people rose dedicated suppliers of laser has been a lot of listed companies. People rose laser products are passed the ISO9001 certification, SGS certification and appearance patent certification. From production debugging to produce are after numerous repeated testing, to ensure the quality of every piece of equipment, stability, such products can be worthy of your trust, select people rise of laser device, with the most preferential price to buy quality products to be imported.
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