People rise information: CO2 laser marking machine what are the safety precautions during operation

by:cycjet     2020-08-04
People up information: CO2 laser marking machine in the process of operation are more serious security considerations 1, according to the equipment start steps to operation, not careless operation. 2, equipment operators must be trained and familiar with the performance of the machine structure, can independently control equipment system. 3, when working on the edge of the laser beam need to wear protective equipment in accordance with the regulations. 4, without knowing the job of the composition is not careless before processing, lest produce smoke or fire accident. 5, equipment at the time of processing, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the table or random displacement, if you had to leave can close equipment, disconnect the power supply. 6, fire fighting equipment to be in a handy place, equipment to shut down the machine while no operation, on the edge of the laser beam do not place flammable objects. 7, in the process of operation, if there is any exception should be immediately shut down equipment, personnel arrangements inspection on equipment maintenance. 8, the use of gas cylinders, cylinder can't under the sun insolates, cylinders placed note don't pressure to the wire, avoid leakage, when opening the valve to stand in the side of the bottle mouth, bottle must be transported protection. 9, equipment of workbench and around to clean and tidy, mechanical parts to put in order. 10, after startup should be manually X, Y direction to start the machine tool at low speed, check with or without abnormal situation. For new workpiece after the input process, should first test run, and check the running status. Pay attention to the machine running situation at work, in order to avoid cutting machine out of the valid range or two collision accident. To abide by high pressure safety procedures for servicing. 40 hours per operation or maintenance, each work 1000 hours a week or maintenance every six months, to be carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures.
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