People rise information: 3 d laser marking machine _ easily solve surface marking problem

by:cycjet     2020-08-05
3 d surface laser marking machine, marking just as its name implies is above the surface, the traditional laser marking machine is carried out in a flat above marking, such as arc, circle using traditional laser marking machine to mark the words will be out of shape, but the traditional 2 d marking the workpiece has defects in deep carved processing surface, if uneven, will seriously affect the effect of deep carved. And 3 d surface laser marking machine for workpiece surface roughness sharply lower, compared with the traditional 2 d marking machines, 3 d laser marking machine in the process of deep carved, can guarantee the machining efficiency, also can guarantee the product effect is good, the processing effect of rich and colorful, more creative process should be the world. People up with industry leading 3 d laser marking machine manufacturing technology, laser equipment guaranteed quality, good reputation, the equipment can be more accurate on the surface of laser marking, processing time will not produce from coke phenomenon, even can easily cope with complex surfaces. Through independent research and development of the control hardware, software, configuration dedicated 3 d vibrating mirror, can perfect the control of laser beam in any surface are identified. The advantage of 3 d surface laser marking machine, high precision of three-dimensional positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, fundamental mode, short pulse laser beam, high peak power, repetition frequency, bring the perfect marking effect for the customer. Leading 3 d graphics technology, friendly operation interface, suitable for DXF, PLT, CNC, step or iges format file. High photoelectric conversion rate and long service life, easy maintenance, marking speed, can greatly improve the machining efficiency of enterprises. 3 d surface laser marking machine is the available surface marking not as a problem, has brought the laser marking machine market reform type change, now widely used in mould, 3 c electronics, auto parts, stereo circuit, electronic communications, medical equipment, communications equipment, electrical appliances, hardware and other industries.
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