People of the high efficiency of laser engraving machine _ _

by:cycjet     2020-08-05
Now the variety of laser engraving machine, laser equipment market function model is also chaotic, but still can be roughly divided into two 'engraving machine engraving machine metal and nonmetal,' as people's aesthetic and the pursuit of perfect things, the complexity of the engraving process is constantly strengthen, the traditional handmade carving and small mechanical engraving equipment technology was a lot of constraints, processing of materials in a certain extent, also affect the effect of the level of carving and sculpture, and even serious affect the economy and earnings processors. Guangdong shenzhen people open up a new type of laser carving machine design platform convenient for machining the placement of materials, and can cooperate with assembly line operation, meet the demand of the enterprise greatly the status of the surface of material processing, at the same time, equipped with large size cellular platform blade and part of the lift platform, people up MS laser engraving machine is adapt to all kinds of large modern processing industry, such as: advertising, apparel, footwear, process operating industry, model industry, etc. With automatic focusing, red light positioning function, the people litres of laser engraving machine is perfect, is enough to kill industry products, the real achieve multi-usage of efficacy, and the maintenance is very convenient, safety protection measures and more perfect. People litres of laser engraving machine and convenient operation and use, has the red point positioning function, can accurate positioning needs carving parts, and can imitate sculpture, can the rise and fall of key control platform, can also pass data to adjust the Z direction of the liquid crystal display, lift platform can adapt to all kinds of carving materials with different thickness. This product also can adjust the focus mode, automatic/manual focus. The structure design of peace, the front door on the cover device for automatic sensor has provided the safeguard for the peace of your operation. People up, shenzhen city, guangdong province according to the laser energy density, maneuverability etc, and has the experience of the series of laser products for many years, on the basis of the successful developed new MS laser engraving machine, the laser engraving machine is a combination of a variety of advanced technology to constantly carved on the common processing materials processing, with cutting edge lubrication to avoid, no burr, polishing, clean, no noise, fast processing speed, high efficiency, less waste, high precision. It is absolutely necessary in all walks of life and the first choice for replacement.
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