People liters laser cutting machine, professional CNC control system to ensure the cutting quality

by:cycjet     2020-08-06
People liters laser cutting machine, professional CNC control system to ensure the cutting quality. Laser cutting machine to replace the traditional mechanical knife invisible beams, with high accuracy, fast cutting speed, cutting pattern is not limited to. Automatic typesetting save materials, flat incision, and low processing cost advantages. It will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting processing equipment. Laser cutting machine mechanical parts in contact with the workpiece without. No scratches on the workpiece surface during work, laser cutting speed, smooth incision, generally do not need to subsequent processing, cutting heat affected zone is small, plate deformation is small, narrow kerf width, 0. 1 mm or 0. 3 mm gap, without mechanical stress and shearing without burr. High machining precision, good repeatability, no damage on the surface of a material, CNC programming, can be processing any plane, can be as big size plate cutting, without having to open the mold. To save time. Intelligent laser cutting head laser cutting machine, equipped with intelligent cutting head in Italy. Non-contact capacitance sensor, automatic detection plate actual position and function of automatic focus, replacing plate don't need to focus, improve the work efficiency and machining accuracy, the variable times punch, punch time can greatly reduce the thick plate. Time such as perforation of 0. 8 mm carbon steel is 0. 4 seconds, while the traditional time is 4 - 6 seconds. Is the punch speed, good quality cutting head in our country. Improve equipment efficiency more than 30%, perforation detection function, by actively cutting seepage, no additional waiting time. Professional CNC laser cutting machine control system: adopting imported Italian laser cutting CNC system, real time control system dynamic and geometric collision protection, data exchange nc system and machine drive system using optical fiber communication, fast response speed and stable signal, real-time adaptive control of laser energy, ensure the quality of cutting, axis servo control to eliminate plate nonuniformity, the influence of high speed machine tool dual drive motor adopts international advanced CAN bus control technology. Increase the motor speed of response and synchronicity to microsecond, synchronicity is 1000 times the ordinary machine tools. Compared with the traditional interface control, the control mode of faster response. Anti-interference ability is strong, can guarantee the stability of synchrony machine and high-speed operation. The working life of the machine tool servo motor is greatly increased. Laser cutting machine of the powerful software system: smartmanager is original European import control software based on Windows platform. Dock with the Italian imported CNC system software completely. Therefore, real-time control of machine tools and lasers and the software upgrade is more convenient and quick. Friendly interface, easy to learn easy to operate. It USES a NC program, easy to edit, readable, expert database with Italian engineer tailored cutting process, ensure the cutting efficiency, achieve carbon steel bright surface cutting effect, at the same time cutting parameters can be adjusted in real time in the process of cutting. To achieve excellent cutting quality and optimize the various drilling methods, such as continuous punching drilling, pulse, the optimization of blasting hole fast moving a variety of ways, with functions of 'leapfrog' and mobile automatic stop, automatic edge patrol function faster.
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