People l tell you: laser three-dimensional laser cutting machine which brand is good

by:cycjet     2020-08-06
With people liters laser three-dimensional laser cutting machine, in the process of cutting, as long as the cutting head along the X, Y direction move, task status stationary. This kind of cutter machining plate dimensions big, quality; Equipment of the air volume is small, processing without clamping workpiece, upper and lower is convenient; Machine deceleration function, high positioning accuracy. So the toast market, known as the international mainstream models. A wide variety of 3 d laser cutting machine, machine rare ancient several typical structure of the secondary has gantry frame move type flying light path structure, the beam move type optical path, the beam down move type flight path, cantilever move flying light path structure, determinate beam gantry half flight path, cross the task of moving type optical path, gantry and cantilever constant light path, the robot structure mode and large-format airborne type hybrid optical path, flexible processing pieces, etc. Whatever the stereoscopic 3 d laser cutting machine has the characteristic of itself and weaknesses, the user when choosing equipment can be based on personal consumption characteristics matching the corresponding. In terms of the structure of the cutting equipment, lathe bed big data has casting structure, welding, and marble structure, aluminum alloy casting or welding parts and its profile is used for beam, other components are chosen engineering plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic and the use of materials such as stainless steel. Equipment configuration, in accordance with the features of the user processing, processing of materials, shape, size, such as selection of different laser, available for optional laser discern a shaft fast flow co2 laser, radio frequency (rf) board debugging laser, laser, solid laser, and etc. From the device on the drive mode of X, Y axis selects the unilateral servo motor configuration corresponding speed machine, with high precision gear rack drive structure; With the X axis bilateral servo motor configuration was used for the corresponding speed machine, with high precision gear rack drive structure, double eliminate backlash of the gear drive method; A servo motor has high precision ball screw drive indirectly, big moment of inertia using disc motor indirect pinion and rack drive; And the structure of the driven by linear motor indirect way. CNC 3 d laser cutting machine is usually the configuration guide is given priority to with high precision linear guide, and is equipped with automatic smooth installation. Unilateral linear guide is given priority to guide with roller structure is a kind of cost performance good economy applicable, the typical structure of easy to adjust. Another structure is indirect drive and guide are adopted as one of the drive unit structure, easier, more convenient debugging, to ensure accuracy, only cost a little higher. The Z axis is usually driven by high precision ball screw and linear guide or unit, and configuration of high quality focus position automatic tracking of the laser cutting head height. Usually the Z axis selects the focus position automatic tracking the cutting head. Such as cutting head add a controlled focus lens move independently of the F axle, add a CNC control to compensate the light path of bits and pieces, and the changes can be controlled on curvature of optical lens.
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