Overview of the HP Color Laser CP1518ni Printer

by:cycjet     2020-08-25
Hewlett Packard's (HP) Color LaserJet CP1518ni is a low-cost color laser printer with a fairly decent design. The design wont stack up to the legendary 2100 or 2100N. But, compared with other printer priced in point market such as the HL-4040CN from brother otherwise the Dell Color Laser 1320c, it holds it's manage. It might be a touch slower with limited paper capacity. But, it isn't supposed to be a heavy duty cycle printer. The CP1518ni is best fitted to use in a home or a small office where color is needed at a rock bottom price.
In PC World's Test Center tests, the HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni produced plain text pages at a paltry 11.2 pages a minute and graphics pages at 2.0 ppm or slower. Very good thing; the results were pleasing: Text looked black and crispy. Though a little dark, photos looked reasonably natural. Grayscale images were free belonging to the green or pink overtones that they often see with printers at the low end. HP's own image enhancement technology, called ImageREt 3600 technology, might have helped here: Among other tricks, it manipulates the size and position of the dot within concerns resolution grid, deliver images a smoother, more natural look. (In connection with its use of this technology, HP in the past ceased quoting dots-per-inch resolution specs for of the vaguer ImageREt designation.)
Besides being a bit on the slow side, the printer has minor design and configuration shortcomings. The 150-sheet capacity for your main paper tray is below the 500 page conventional. And, when extended to legal paper, paper tray sticks out the front of the printer; technically, this occupies the same level of space as modern common rear extension, but it looks odd. Duplex (two-sided) printing is hard to get. The front control panel (with a two-line, monochrome LCD) is unintuitive: There's no clear indication that you must use the 'OK' button to summon the dishes. Access doors and other parts feel flimsy or move clumsily. Within brighter side, the color LaserJet CP1518ni along with a five photo card slots on the front side and has an easily accessible side door for accepting a RAM upgrade (maximum 352MB).
As on many low-cost printers, the toner cartridges are low-capacity and moderately-priced. The printer along with starter supplies of each color good for 750 pages of output. A 2200-page replacement black cartridge costs $70 (which works out to 3.2 cents per page), while each 1400-page color cartridge costs $65 (the equal to 4.6 cents per page). Overall spending another $100 before rendering their services could get which you model that may have a lower cost per page. But, at the low end this machine pebbles.
HP's documentation is thorough. The wordless setup sheet for unpacking and installing the cartridges looks more like a webpage ripped out for this comic book than something official, however the instructions are open up. The installation routine depends upon animated wizards. Within the printer, illustrated stickers help you perform routine tasks without consulting the manual. The HTML-based documentation is comprehensive without being overly technical. HP's ratings in our recent Reliability and service survey were average overall.
For individual users or a small office, the Color LaserJet CP1518ni's minimal paper handling and toner supplies are likely adequate.
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