Optical fiber laser marking machine processing technology, advantages of related introduction

by:cycjet     2020-08-11
Optical fiber laser marking machine processing technology, advantages of related introduction! It is well known that optical fiber laser marking machine is the use of high energy density of laser to local irradiation of workpiece products, make the surface material vaporization or change the color of chemical reaction, so as to leave a permanent mark of a marking method. People the raising of the laser optical fiber laser marking machine can play all kinds of characters, symbols and designs, product character size can be from mm to micron, the product security has special significance. Of very fine after focusing the laser beam as needlepoint, can remove surface material point by point engraving, its nature is the marking process for non-contact processing, do not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so as not to damage by processing items; Due to the size of the laser focus after is very small, small heat affected zone, fine processing, therefore, can complete production technology of some conventional methods can not achieve. Any information, optical fiber laser marking function related to the content of the design in the computer, as long as the computer design draft out of marking system can recognize, then marking machine can be designed information accurate reduction engraving on the appropriate carrier. Optical fiber laser marking machine is one of the application areas of laser processing technology, is screen printing, ink printing, stamping, electrical corrosion process can not compare. The equipment advantages, main show the following five: 1, optical fiber laser marking machine reliability. Marking graphics, text, serial number, clear, wear-resistant, belong to the non-contact processing, so the workpieces is not damaged, deformation. 2, computer graphics, layout, scientific. 3, anti-counterfeiting performance is strong. Can make your product is not easy to be fake, true, must be more popular. 4, marking speed, strong timeliness, will add endless economic benefits for your company. 5, processing fine, beautiful, strong appreciation sex. Marking the identification accuracy is high, the beauty is generous, ornamental effect is good. Shenzhen people rose is specialized is engaged in the laser marker and non-standard automated laser marking equipment research and development and sales of high-tech enterprise as a whole laser marking factory house. Dedicated to provide customers with more comprehensive system of logo, tags, provide solutions to difficult laser marking processing. Optical fiber laser marking machine
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