Optical fiber laser marking machine principle and the characteristics and convenient

by:cycjet     2020-08-13
Nowadays, with the needs of the market, the advantage of optical fiber marking machine with its irresistible occupied market frontiers of marking machine, it is not only lighter), the amount of storage space is short, the whole machine volume computer as the main box size, as if to use can work with the artificial hand carry, convenient and quick, and simple operation, the software is easy to understand, fiber marking machine marking speed also very quick, hit the trademark is delicate and beautiful, forever will not go away, so what is the principle of optical fiber laser marking machine, it depends on what kind of organization to promote his excellent ability to work? Fiber marking machine is currently the most advanced marking system, it has been applied to many with precise marking requirements or assembly line marking the enterprise, can be competent for all kinds of high efficiency, strict marking enterprises, the main parts including laser equipment all use imported high-end products, has a high precision accuracy of marking, marking speed, stable output light, laser marking machine service life is up to 100000 hours. Fiber marking machine play a decisive part is, it determines the prospective of board of light source output rate and stability, and high reliability by a dedicated control card can drive multimode semiconductor lasers, multimode laser from semiconductor laser output to the metal sheath of optical fiber, the mixed double meaning package material layers of optical fiber output can be absorbed by the reasonable laser source, then according to the output light grows. By expanding the output of the laser source are projected to the galvanometer scanner, then through and equipment with computer software to control the galvanometer fast rotation and laser rapid scanning, let the laser scan in transverse and longitudinal axis, through the lens light gathering into extremely narrow spot, then scanning to the object, make its surface due to the high temperature instant was burning, angry words, can be formed after the trademark, permanent will not fall off. Fiber marking machine efficiency is very high, uv laser marking machine of electro-optical conversion speed, the power can reach 70%, the quality of light source output quality is very good, beautiful sex can guarantee a target, the output is also special stability, and the stability of the air cooling of the cooling system also has the very high, the requirement to the work environment is low. The advantages of optical fiber laser marking machine has those. First from the use of it is about life, this is the general optical fiber marking machine purchasing is the most concern, can tell you exactly, fiber laser marking machine service life is long, because it has a lot to the stability of light source output, and cooperate with a long life of the laser is even more increase the service life of the machine. Optical fiber optical fiber laser marking machine said is refers to the use of optical fiber in medium to increase the service life of the machine, thus make the marking machine has the very strong heat dissipation function, even with very frequent, working environment temperature is high, also don't have to worry about its heat dissipation problem, just use air-cooled cooling device, with optical fiber laser marking machine the other laser marking machine can't do that they must use water cooling system for cooling, so this is one of the advantages of optical fiber marking machine. Optical fiber laser marking machine characteristics, is the foundation of its standing in the industries of laser marking, these characteristics are respectively. ( 1) Special optical fiber type identification are difficult to counterfeit or alter, to a certain extent, prevent fake fake. ( 2) The logo is not because of external environment change and change. ( 3) Due to optical fiber laser and the material is no contact, so in any kind of material surface marking, age will not influence material original purity and accuracy. ( 4) Optical fiber laser can be used for production of a variety of materials processing. ( 5) Optical fiber laser marking machine engraving line of 0, millimeters thin, the line is clear, and the design pretty careful, this is optical fiber laser marking machine has such a powerful competitiveness of the important reasons. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. Is a company committed to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, the company mainly research and development production _ _ _ laser marking machine - sales Laser welding machine Laser cutting machine - Laser engraving machine, the hotline: 400 - 009 - 8266 http: / / www。 szmslaser。 com/。
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