Optical fiber laser marking machine principle and semiconductor laser marking machine characteristics

by:cycjet     2020-08-12
What is the fiber laser marking machine. In recent years, fiber laser is a hot in the study of laser physics, it has long been considered fully substitute for solid state laser, become a new round of laser, fiber laser gain medium and solid laser medium is different, it USES the glass fiber is mixed rare earth elements, he is on the use of optical fiber amplifier it developed a product, fiber laser marking machine is the use of the characteristics of laser, makes the mark has been on the surface of the material, a mark is the reason why by physical or chemical process, makes the surface of the material corrosion or burn. What is the principle of optical fiber laser marking machine principle. Optical fiber laser marking machine is the use of some characteristics of laser, and then make it to be a permanent on the surface of different material for marking, like we use red mud to seal the envelope, to play the underlying principle is that the matter by laser contact surface, make the material surface to reveal a deeper internal material, some characteristics with a laser or colleague, makes the substance on the surface of oxidized or burning, so the laser marking machine shows that we need to design. Now called a semiconductor laser marking machine products is also gradually became a kind of very popular on the market and welcome a new marking machine equipment, due to the marking machine is usually are some requirements is higher under the conditions of use, which is for precision requirements are relatively high, so the competition between different marking machine is also very fierce, and this is called a semiconductor laser marking machine equipment is now very popular on the market a new product, this product a lot of excellent function are the main reasons for people to use, his quality characteristics are mainly embodied in such aspects:. First, the high precision. Precision of the situation is now all the marking machine as one of the most key link, the competition between the semiconductor laser marking machine, is to use the latest features characteristic of semiconductor production, the production of this product precision is very high, when using this product for work people tend to be more at ease, so now the semiconductor laser marking machine is also in uv laser marking machine used in many high precision requirements of the industry very much, become a kind of familiar products. Second, faster speed. The semiconductor laser marking machine work and a very distinctive feature is the speed is very fast, can work in the shortest possible time to realize, so the use of such a semiconductor laser marking machine, also be very careful, especially in some of the most delicate, pay attention to for the understanding of time, because time grasp is not good, a lot of the time also can cause the effect will be produced products is not very ideal, so set on time must pay attention to get a good mark. Third, a better stability. He is passed via a semiconductor to control the output of a laser beam and work, so that people use this kind of semiconductor laser marking machine, can also be a stability for this kind of product has a good grasp, people are often at the time of making something, the stability is regarded as a kind of very important aspect, the stability of the optical fiber laser marking machine because the laser beam can maximum limit to ensure that the mechanism of semiconductor laser marking to make to the quality of the product, because the more the higher the stability of the product made effect is better, visual effect is better. Fourth, the longer the applicability. The service life of the semiconductor laser marking machine also is very long, and long time working ability is quite strong, that is, a kind of applicable to some of the high strength work, for many special operations of the industry, this is a very important aspect, the research and development of some products in the industry is the production equipment is quickly became popular, is gradually lead the trend of a meteor. With the increasing progress of modern society, we use the opportunity of marking machine is also more and more, we also can be seen everywhere in the life of optical fiber laser marking machine, then you know anything of this can be seen everywhere in our daily life, do you know what is the principle of optical fiber laser marking machine, if you know nothing about it, then please thoroughly read the following content, it can lead you understand it can be seen everywhere in our life in the small knowledge of optical fiber laser marking machine. 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