Optical fiber laser marking machine of rotation of the fixed problem where the 'how to solve'

by:cycjet     2020-08-11
If the optical fiber laser marking machine can't move, rotation axis can't finish marking work, so it is necessary to understand some common fault solution is. Can't move is unlikely to be the axis of rotation axis itself. Solution is simple, the lack of item will go to check the specific what causes the lack of study, in view of the specific reasons have to do is go to make up for; In addition, the stepper drive any alarm, z axis whether signal wire, electrical wire connection is normal. If stepper drives have alarm, replace the stepper driver. The reason people choose liters laser equipment: a people, strong research and development ability, leading the industry development litres of laser has many years of industry experience, has experienced senior product engineer to communicate with you production feasible solution; Professional sample making team of engineers efficiently cooperate quickly out of the sample for you. Second, factory direct sale, high cost performance, product series perfect direct manufacturers, to give customers preferential price, cost-effective products. Self-marketing, save intermediate link, the benefit to the customers, truly allows you to save money. More than three powerful production capacity, the factory has strong product line, have a professional product development team, has a complete quality inspection and management system, integrating research, development, production and sales. Welcome your enquiries for the samples. Fourth, the perfect service system, to provide you with nanny service from r&d, design, production, sales and distribution to after-sale one-stop service for you. People rose more than 60 national laser after-sales service alliance units, customer service response time within 24 hours. This machine warranty for a year, laser warranty for two years, life-long maintenance; Our free operation training for the expensive department related personnel, door-to-door debugging installation, package the church; The system of conventional software free lifetime maintenance and upgrade; Artificial damage, natural disasters, force majeure factors, unauthorized changes to be outside the scope of the warranty. All our accessories all have the corresponding inventory, we will provide alternative parts during maintenance, ensure the normal operation of your production;
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