Optical fiber laser marking machine motor will still 'fever'? How should the fever?

by:cycjet     2020-08-11
Power optical fiber laser marking machine is made of fiber laser, red light beam frame, the galvanometer, the power control box, fiber laser, field lens, beam, industrial control computer and cutting, marking card, the secondary structure, such as red light indicator among them, the laser power supply is the installation of power optical fiber laser, its output voltage is AC220V alternating current (ac), device within the marking machine control box. So, in the process of using the optical fiber laser marking machine motor branch is overheating or hot scene, sometimes this is what reason to form? How to deal with? Everyone should know the current volatility in the indirect influence of the motor running, if the current is not a specification dc or sine wave, also occurs in the alternating magnetic field loss, will be displayed in the form of heat, so as to affect the efficiency of the motor, more and more electrical energy into heat energy. Therefore in the process of the application of laser equipment, if the current fluctuation, greatly reduce the efficiency of the task of the metal laser marking machine, cause fiber laser marking machine motor heating serious results. If disposal is bad, it is can even cause motor burn out optical fiber laser marking machine, all the paralysis. When electric heating needs careful disposal, lest form don't want to loss. Optical fiber laser marking machine working environment temperature is in the outdoor temperature is lower, suggestion is in constant temperature outdoor surface, the other working environment good perhaps other refrigeration equipment is equipped with air conditioning, reduce indoor temperature. Don't last long time operation equipment, intermittent operation can not only give equipment enough cooling time, also can delay the loss of the motor. The people rose as an international famous laser equipment manufacturers, persistent implementation of laser equipment used in various industries, and provide a full range of industry solutions to clients. Farewell you call consultation, ornamental, proofing, and we are waiting for your coming.
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