Optical fiber laser marking machine is how to carry out non-contact permanent identity?

by:cycjet     2020-08-12
In recent years, laser marking technology is more and more widely used in printing industry, fiber laser marking machine in the areas of application is extensive, such as plastic, rubber, metal, nonmetal, PC board, glass, etc materials can be processed marking, and optical fiber laser marking machine operation simple is easy to get started, just need to understand the basic knowledge of computer operation. Optical fiber laser marking machine is also known as' Laser printer, laser printer, laser marking machine. , laser marking by laser beam of high energy density of the object surface radiation produced by physical and chemical changes to get the picture or logo, we want to laser marking identifier is generated by the permanent. The characteristics of optical fiber laser marking machine in the printing industry: a laser target identification is permanent will not fade, because of the other' High and low temperature, acidic or alkaline gas and touch 】 Because, a laser target identification is permanent, so strong anti-fake function, because not be copied, altered or daub. And laser marking is a non-touch processing, is the use of laser 'laser scalpel' carry on the processing, will not come into contact with the processing objects, so the processing object will not produce machine pressure deformation of the problem. Laser marking machine can print in any regular or irregular surface markers, also won't produce corrosion on the surface of a processing object, laser marking is a kind of non-toxic harmless, high environmental protection high-tech processing technology, guarantee the staff's health, both also ensures processing environment clean and comfortable.
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