Optical fiber laser marking machine is cheaper? Shenzhen people rising technology of laser products?

by:cycjet     2020-08-12
Optical fiber laser marking machine is cheaper? Shenzhen people rise of laser technology products? In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of machinery and equipment are constantly updated, to our vision to create a new level, and bring the convenience to our life and work. Optical fiber laser marking machine efficiency is greatly improved, laser beam can be under computer control high speed ( The rate of 5 to 7 m/s) , tags can be complete within a few seconds. In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of machinery and equipment also constantly update, appear in front of our eyes, with a new gesture to our life and work has brought great convenience. Laser marking machine has now is used widely in industry, many previously used printing technology enterprises gradually began to use the laser marking technology to produce products. Laser marking machine has applied in many industries, laser marking machine is ready? It compared with traditional printing, high flexibility, low cost, can be controlled by computer system, also do not have a permanent marker faded, etc. Laser technology co. , LTD. Shenzhen people of a new generation of laser marking machine has a big advantage, completely kill the traditional marking method. Laser marking machine carved with laser marking technology, is not easy to copy and change, is safe, permanent, mark not because environmental problems ( Contact, acidity and reductive gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc. ) And loss, laser marking machine engraving products fine, minimum line width of 0. 04mm。 And legible, durable, beautiful, laser marking can satisfy the miniature engraving of plastic pieces of the amount of data needs. For example, can be more precise printing requirements, higher resolution of the two dimensional barcode, compared with the embossing or jet marking way, have stronger market competitiveness, USES non-contact: laser engraving laser scalpel to other than mechanical processing, can be in any regular or irregular surface printing tags, and the workpiece will not produce stress, after marking the original precision of workpiece. Do not produce corrosion on the surface of a work, no tool wear, non-toxic, non-polluting. Wide applicability: the use of lasers in processing means, to a variety of metals, non-metallic materials ( Such as aluminum, copper, iron, wood products processing) 。 Development speed due to a combination of laser technology and computer technology, the user as long as the laser print can be realized on the computer programming, and can change at any time to print design, replacing the traditional mold production process, fundamentally to shorten the product upgrading flexible production period and provides a convenient tool. Low operating costs: marking speed, shape forming, low energy consumption, low operation cost. Although laser marking machine equipment investment than traditional marking equipment, but from the point of view of operating costs, the use of laser marking machine is much lower. High machining efficiency, under the computer control of laser beam can be high speed ( Speed of 5 to 7 m/s) , tags can be complete within a few seconds. Laser marking machine is in permanent marker of laser beam on the surface of different materials. Tags are exposed through the deep material surface materials, so beautifully carved design, trademarks, text, etc. Laser technology co. , LTD. Shenzhen people, buy the price of the same configuration in Germany a lot more expensive, and some less in place after-sales service, so customers only need to use a more favorable price to buy optical fiber laser marking machine enjoy a higher quality service. For processors, a laser marking machine can save a lot of cost. Laser marking machine manufacturers people laser technology (shenzhen) co. , LTD. Is the price of the fiber laser marking machine imported a third of the machine! People and the raising of the laser marking machine quality is very good, can carry out on-the-spot examination, has now become the star product! Our products have passed ISO9001 certification, SGS certification and patent certification. Product inspection process to ensure that the user to understand the full range of products. Through professional certification of the product is worthy of your trust! Buy optical fiber laser marking machine also need to buy hard to go abroad? At home you can find a good place to buy optical fiber laser marking machine, and price concessions, shenzhen people rose is your ideal choice!
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