Optical fiber laser marking machine in the kitchen

by:cycjet     2020-08-12
Now the development of the society is very quickly, and now most people have stepped into a well-off life, people for the pursuit of material is not only durable, appearance level is the key. 'Food and clothing live line' is the foundation of people's life, food is the essence of the people live, the food must be without kitchen utensils and appliances, today the people rose said small make up for laser marking machine in the field of kitchen utensils and excellence. Now the kitchen style is multifarious, only you think not, don't miss it. Delicate and beautiful kitchen decoration can let a person see more aesthetically pleasing, happy, this will also psychologically have certain effects on people's diet, and this is also our essential thing in life. So now the factory in addition to durability, consider product can give a person shine at the moment of that kind of feeling. In order to meet these requirements, material selection, modelling, many manufacturers and even the mark of all sorts of information through the integral design of the strict, let a person in the process of cooking taste, can be physical and mental pleasure. In addition to the overall modelling of kitchen utensils and appliances, product information tag, brand logo design also has certain influence to the appearance of the product, information is people understand the function of this product, material selection, operation and other important sources, but also the grade of the product and quality. We used are made by using the way of information tag printing, mimeograph, or stickers, this way not only not beautiful, also easy to fall off or fade, making information tag is only a blur. It will not let a person feel that the quality of the products, which can lead to other products under the brand will feel fed up about it. In order to improve the quality of the products and simple sense, now a lot of enterprises have begun to use laser marking machine to product information, laser marking machine is the use of high density of energy irradiation on the surface of the product, make the material surface for gasification to produce chemical reaction, leave a permanent mark. People rise of laser marking machine, can be in the kitchen utensils and appliances products on all sorts of design, the information such as text, bar code, the qr code, logo, a mark by delicate clear, do not wipe, will not fade. And the use of laser marking machine with high efficiency, no pollution, no noise, a finished product, for the wide range of materials, not only can play metal, a lot of nonmetal materials for marking, can realize multi-usage, don't need a second input. Laser marking machine is a combination of technology and process, laser marking machine operation is simple, use the computer operation, graphic to conversion. Laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing method, the workpiece will not cause extrusion deformation, because its a mark by permanent, tracing anti-counterfeiting can have very good products, to make products look more high-end.
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