Optical fiber laser marking machine in PVC material irreplaceable advantages

by:cycjet     2020-08-12
PVC material is now one of the biggest plastic products in the world now, covers now, many cheap, is widely used. Our days of common plastic sandals, shoes, slippers, toys, auto parts, special pipe, corrugated pipe, drain, drinking water pipe, wire casing or stair rails are made of PVC material. Generally speaking, we are now seeing PVC material above the symbols can be implemented through ink printing and laser printing. Although now the traditional symbol equipment also can satisfied will be surely in level of demand, but follow now processing demand changing, the traditional processing disadvantages is also growing, symbol information on PVC material, simple, symbol information is also very limited. But now choose symbols of laser equipment, not only symbols clearly, don't need for supplies, And can also be permanent symbol, different information can be used to change. Now is widely used in PVC material is near infrared laser or far infrared laser, infrared laser equipment we are one of the most common is the CO2 laser marking machine, and the near infrared laser equipment we got one of the most common optical fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine. Because of far infrared laser wavelength is 10. 6 microns, the use of the wavelength of laser processing symbol of PVC material picture is yellow and red, but using near infrared wavelength of 1060 nm laser symbols, symbols of the picture is black, the black and black ink printing machine, is the most can let customers to bear a kind of color.
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