Online again about counterfeit goods back or to the laser marking machine

by:cycjet     2020-07-13
Online shopping has become an indispensable part of our life, the lazy and busy to bring great convenience, but also brought opportunities to many undesirable businessman, because we can't see the real, when buying it brought convenience to counterfeiting. Today's technology can achieve real ones, in this fakes online world, how to stop? This problem has become the major manufacturers. Nearly time, Chinese consumer advocates an online report caused the attention of the masses, what is it? That's related to store each big electric business platform was put forward, in the survey, the online purchase nearly 100 products, involving the 40 or so brands, and since nearly a third of them are unqualified products. Fake and inferior products become the barrier to the development of each big electric business platform with professional analysis, because online shopping chain length, it involved in supply of goods in and out, express delivery, warehousing, goods, etc. , in these links are likely the emergence of fake goods, and there is no clear system to control. So how do we use now laser marking technology to build a perfect product traceability system? Fakes today, for many enterprise brand caused great influence, so a complete traceability system is indispensable, so as to prevent counterfeit goods, before that, jingdong cross-border logistics multiple partners hand in hand, jointly sponsored by 'cross-border roots alliance', ningbo, zhengzhou and other free trade zone and by tracing the source, record commodity official source of information, including name of commodity, country of origin, import agent, import port, date of start shipment ground, inspection declaration, inspection declaration number, date of customs declaration, customs declaration, delivery warehouses, consumers may at any time to verify, understand the ins and outs of the product. Trace code, in the effect of the whole system is the essential, such as: manufacturers, expiration date, date of production, product information, etc. , can make the following dealers and customers can clearly understand the product information, in this way can we truly do stop fakes, make people at ease, traceability system in food, wine is already relatively mature, traces the code is done with laser marking technology to identify. Laser marking function is applied to each big industry, use very extensive, can adapt to a variety of different materials, such as laser marking machine in PE, ABS, PBF, HDPE, PP and other plastic can spray the permanent logo above, and the system stability of the optical fiber laser marking machine, marking speed, long service life, no supplies, can realize the advantages of the assembly line production, can effectively improve the efficiency of production at the same time also can reduce the overall cost.
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