Now a member of the textile industry indispensable' Laser cutting cloth 】

by:cycjet     2020-08-09
Fabric laser cutting machine, the name will know that is for the use of cutting cloth, if you think can cut cloth that is wrong, fabric laser cutting machine application field is very broad, such as: fabric, tile, paper, leather, PU leather, logo embroidery, plastic, rubber, organic glass, acrylic, jade, leather, shells, horns, animal fat, double color boards, bamboo and wood products, ABS board, PVC board, fiber and composite materials and other non-metallic materials can be cut. The following people rise laser small make up to tell you about. With the continuous development of society, the laser technology has been applied more and more industry. And clothing as necessary in people's lives, also want to keep up with The Times the pace of innovation, so the fabric is gradually each big enterprise in laser cutting machine. First talk about the fabric for the benefits and features of laser cutting machine: 1, fabric laser cutting machine is a machine is working, high precision, can avoid the manual cutting errors. And fabric laser cutting machine can cut in great quantities, basic won't have error, but if use the traditional manual cutting and less well, more quantity will produce error, after all, not a machine. This will result in waste of human time doing secondary repair. Even affect downstream production line work pace, extend the yield, the loss can't estimate. There won't be such a thing and fabric laser cutting machine, use fabric laser cutting machine not only save manpower, time, also can guarantee the quality. 2 cuttings, fabric laser cutting machine not only, also can through the computer random design graphics, simple and convenient operation, high accuracy, high speed cutting. The equipment processing material widely, cutting edge smooth and no burr, no polishing, clean crumbs, no noise, high efficiency, less waste, but also to supervise and control the initial discharge. Figures show that computer discharge is several times of artificial layout, and more accurate. This also greatly avoids the unnecessary waste of enterprise, enterprise also need not be waste every day, calculate delay the additional cost, which can all save. This not only can save cost also can increase the yield, fabric laser cutting machine speed, if we can finished ahead of the order, then you can do the next order immediately, thus improve the business income, enhance competitive advantage. People rose fabric laser cutting machine has a fast speed, high precision, suitable for large quantities of large production requirement, and design can be designed, the operation is simple. Application scope is not just a cloth leather, PU leather, fiber can be cut.
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