Nation up information: how to improve optical fiber laser marking machine marking speed?

by:cycjet     2020-07-30
External factors of the secondary of the laser frequency, laser speckle forms and the beam divergence Angle, laser power, reasonable optical plastic matching process for gas, material. Secondary internal elements in the later model selection of cent, should comply with the opinions of the laser engineer to choose and buy. Another element is customer demand attention: when processing marks width, filling density, velocity and laser spot size. Nation up information: how to improve optical fiber laser marking machine marking speed? 1, wide signs: the dimension of a sign, the greater the laser marking galvanometer deflection Angle and graphics trajectory is larger, so in the same sign speed conditions, large-format marking speed than the small surface marking time is long. 2, filling density: on the contrary graphics format, the filling density, the greater the spacing, the more densely populated. The higher the density of laser marking, the corresponding marking time will be longer, its reason is filling density, the more dense indirect add laser trajectory interval. 3, marks speed: the faster the speed, the shorter the time sign, under the same power logo depth is shallow. Sign in their practical operation speed requirements and laser frequency and the laser power to stop the marriage. 4, laser speckle size: the smaller the laser speckle, marks the line width, the more precise, the more complete logo very clear character. Above is optical fiber laser marking machine marking progress speed skills, according to the requirements, parameters of optical fiber laser marking machine stop to fill density adjustment of optical fiber laser marking machine, marking speed, laser frequency, laser power and other factors, so in the process of the above parameters can affect the effect of the logo. Is everybody to operate according to these measures, can progress marking speed and get higher benefits.
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