MS series optical fiber laser marking machine _ a Fried day fiber laser cutting machine

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
MS series optical fiber laser marking machine _ a Fried day fiber laser cutting machine, MS series optical fiber laser marking machine adopts the high quality of the laser, advanced polarizer system. The whole laser system integrated with 10 inches color touch screen and photographic eye and hanger, good beam quality, fiber marking machine has high reliability. Can carve some metals and non-metallic materials. Is mainly used in the areas of roughness and fineness requirement is higher. MS series fiber laser using a new optical fiber technology, ensure the printing performance, compact structure design, more convenient installation, take up little small. Stable performance of fiber marking machine has strong durability, long service life, stable running, etc, the laser will not generate heat in the process of work, don't need to increase the cooling system. Meet customer demand, effectively generate code. Compared with the traditional solid laser, fiber laser has a free maintenance, consistent performance, and long service life, etc. To ensure the printing time. Fiber laser can be used for marking and coding any font and size, including all kinds of graphics and QR code. Particularly applicable to metal and plastic material of high precision. Optical fiber machine can be used for static/intermittent printing, also can be applied to various production line speed of online code. Using high quality laser to obtain higher power. Laser adopts advanced polarizer system, to ensure the high quality, high output. At the same time has a good stability. Optical fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beam on surface of various materials for permanent marker. Suitable for mobile phone accessories, wire, metal, auto parts, digital, packaging, signage, clock and watch fittings, plastics, auto parts, as long as the metal plastic materials can tag, sculpture, can also be on the product design, logo, logo, QR code, bar code, etc.
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