Metal laser welding machine are those benefits

by:cycjet     2020-07-08
People liters laser broadcast: metal laser welding machine is the use of high energy laser beam welding area for local heating, melting materials and achieve the purpose of welding, the welding way is that the benefits of belonging to the non-contact welding, the welding is more flexible, high efficiency, high speed welding, welding effect is good, narrow and small deformation of weld, easy to realize automatic welding, novice after simple training can mount guard operation. Metal laser welding machine is using pulsed laser welding, laser pulse waveform in the pulse laser welding is a very important problem. When the high intensity laser incident to the material surface, the metal surface will be 60% ~ 98% of the laser energy reflected off, and reflectivity changing with surface temperature. Thus, different metal for the utilization of the reflectivity of laser and laser are all different, must carry on the effective different waveform of the laser welding must be input, in this way can seam metal tissue in a better way of crystallization, form consistent with the substrate metal organization, to form a high quality welding seam. Domestic general machine adopts single wave laser power supply of cheap, so welding flexible low, difficult to adapt to a variety of mold material welding, and often to rework, waste their time on the welding materials greatly, and may cause mould of scrap. Different metal materials surface reflection and absorption of laser level difference is very big, and the same laser beams with different metal will produce different welding effect, and affect the penetration, welding speed, crystallization rate and hardness, so a single rectangular wave welding cannot solve different mold metal welding requirements. According to different applications and adjust the waveform, the weld metal group agree with matrix metal, mold after weld repairs, or metal parts weld hardness of HRC50 - HRC58, really achieve nondestructive welding, greatly improving the quality of the workpieces. People liters laser has decades of research and development production experience, have their own laboratory with a group of professional research and development team. Since the company since its establishment, adhere to the 'innovation drive, quality first, the talented person for this' principle, uphold the customer first, continuous improvement, quality excellent quality policy, at present in the laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, equipped with laser intelligence solution has made rapid progress, such as category.
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