【 Metal laser marking machine 】 Hardware industry 'art master'

by:cycjet     2020-08-16
Hardware industry of our country's economic development plays an inestimable role, including hardware tools, metal parts, daily hardware, building hardware and security products and so on, they became the industry manufacture and daily life indispensable an industry. With the development of science and technology and economy, people on hardware products is also put forward higher quality requirements. If you can break through the homogeneity of circles, to create more innovation, product quality, intellectual property, have got a better development opportunity. Metal processing meet bottleneck, trying to find breakthrough' Metal laser marking machine 】 Hardware industry 'art master' of 1, hardware industry disorderly competition began to appear, hardware product grade of low cost, product structure and technology content is not high, short product life, important identity fall off. 2, hardware product brand awareness is generally small, serious product homogeneity, the market competition is intense, also appeared a lot of fake fake or unlicensed products, profit is very low. 3, hardware products production environment is generally poor, workers have to dust, soot, high temperature, high noise, low degree of production automation, labor intensive, recruitment recruitment difficulties. Laser marking machine for metal processing bring new opportunities: marking in the field of hardware and the application process, the metal laser marking machine is suitable for iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum oxide and other metal oxides, processing environment security environmental protection, marked text and graphics not only clear, fine, and still can't be erased, modified, for the hardware was beneficial to the quality of products and channel tracking, more can effectively prevent the expired product sales, security, and stop the string of goods. As a modern precision machining product - — Metal laser marking machine combines optical, mechanical, electrical, material processing and testing of the compound subjects such as advanced manufacturing technology, brought new development opportunities for metal processing. 【 Metal laser marking machine 】 Hardware industry 'art master' put for a long time, the traditional printing ink fade, result in unable to clearly identify the information such as product specification, size, brand, affect the use and beautiful. And metal laser marking machine is the 'company' hardware industry, laser marking precision can reach millimeter less than, design clarity is beautiful, easy to recognize, and will not fade by environmental factors, and permanent. On the one hand, the metal laser marking machine adopts non-contact processing, do not produce corrosion, won't make metal material mechanical deformation; The laser marking process, on the other hand, no tool wear, non-toxic, no pollution, is greatly prolong the service life of the metal parts, solves the hardware processing and serious environmental pollution problems.
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