Metal laser cutting machine lens how to _ cleaning need to pay attention to who?

by:cycjet     2020-07-09
A mechanical device to want to use for a long time, so the daily maintenance that is necessary. Like a laser cutting machine in daily processing work, will produce large amounts of gas and splash, which will harm the laser lens, if not handled, often will greatly reduce the service life of the lens. Laser lens is a relatively easy damaged artifacts, you must be aware of when cleaning. That how to clean, need to pay attention to what? In the process of disassembly, cleaning, installation, any glue content or oil droplets will produce damage to the lens, which reduces the service life of, so attention should be paid to the implementation of the measures. First: absolutely not directly touch before installing the lens with the hand, the second: the need to wear rubber gloves must not use, a third: scratch the lens cannot contact membrane layer, when you pick up the lens to get the edge of the lens: 4 lenses need to be inspected in the dry, health cleaning: 5 workbench should be prepared daily several layers of clean paper towels, tissue paper and several cleaning lens: 6 processing staff don't speak on the top of the lens, eat bread or drink water away from the work area, avoid unnecessary pollution in the process of cleaning the lens, these are all must need to be aware of, any one do not pay attention to could cause the lens to reduce the service life of the can't even use.
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